Free dining recovery deal

In case it was not mentioned before:


Thanks for posting this link! Now I’m doing the math to figure out just how good of a deal this would be for us. We don’t normally do the dining plan anymore but this might be worth it.

I am curious to know what the free dining plan will be for the people who had their trip canceled. It does not apply to me, I am just wondering.

The wording of the email is in the article linked. You need to scroll down past their speculation to see it.

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Yeah, this stinks for me. I already have tickets and we are booking for October. I did contact my TA to see if there are any other offers. I guess she will get back to me on Monday.

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Keep us updated! We already have our tickets too, and I’d love to know

Does anyone know which resorts are included in this offer?

There are no other offers at this time.

No details are included in the information. I would assume that you can at least rebook for the resort you originally had, but that is an assumption only

Do previously purchased tickets apply to a package? What about dvc folks? I’m sure there’s no availability to rebook to summer, for them.
We’re expecting to go next march, so it won’t apply for us, but I’m glad they’re starting to talk about discounts

The free dining plan will be the Disney Dining Plan (1QS, 1TS, 2 snacks pp/pd) at deluxe and villas

QS dining plan for the others (mod and value)

Campsites are excluded

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I’ve seen some reports that there could be if you call. Most people are seeing the free dining and doing that. I haven’t seen anyone saying they asked about other discounts. I’ll wait to hear from my TA.

Go on and call then. Wait times are over 4hours in duration. There aren’t other offers at this time (I suppose there is the Sun & Fun but that was already out)

Like I said, I’m waiting to hear from my TA. I can’t change the reservation myself anyway. If there isn’t, there isn’t. But I have a feeling if they get enough complaints, they may.

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DVC never get free dining so it won’t apply to re-booked DVC stays.

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So in one spot that article says it covers cancelled trips in March, April, or May, but in another it says only during dates when Disney is closed. So do we know if you can only book this deal for March dates currently or are we assuming that “indefinitely” covers dates at least through May?

I would think if you wanted to sit on it a while you would still be able to rebook this when it becomes clear that they will not reopen

But I think if you went ahead and rebooked now you would be covered

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I’ve already rebooked, just trying to decide when I want to spend several hours on hold. Will probably wait until they’re officially closed on my original date so I can avoid sitting on hold twice.

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My TA says no other discounts for now and that there may be some later. I’ll just keep my eyes open. Strangely, I told her we were moving our trip to October, but she has not offered to change our current booking in May. I booked my own back up at this point.

That’s because it behooves you to wait until it is clearly closed at your currently booked time

If you move it on your own and they extend the free dining to October, you’ll lose out

Also, if you move it on your own, your TA may lose some or all of their commission, just as FYI. #supportsmallbusiness