Freaking out - Weather

Has it really been raining and thunderstorms everyday at DW this week?? Can anyone there now tell me what it’s been like? We’re leaving on Saturday for our family’s first trip there and the weather looks miserable. Freaking out!!! :frowning:

Looks like 30-80% chance of isolated or scattered showers. That means you could go the whole week and never see a drop of rain. There may be a passing shower, 20 minutes - 1 hour, so poncho up and keep going. The weaklings will run, leaving you with lower crowds.

Be aware of the nearest show, or pavilion in world showcase, and head in if the rain gets really heavy.

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Anxious to hear the response. We leave Sunday and the whole forecast is just rain.

We are leaving Friday morning. Ponchos are packed! It is nice when it rains and empties the parks. I love the sunny skys tho so hoping for the best!

What @stuckinbmode said.

We call this a Florida rainstorm. Almost every day is “scattered showers” from May – October.

You really have nothing to worry about. Pack ponchos, but expect any rain to be a few minutes most of the time. And then the sun comes out, and it goes away.

Also, this weather report looks scary at first glance – until you look at the amount of rain per day. Less than an inch. That’s nothin’!

And finally – IF it does rain a lot (it won’t) – a rainy day at Disney World is better than most days anywhere else. (Did you know they have a special rainy day parade at MK?)

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Sorry, one more thing to add. I’m a Floridian –– and I set my weather app to IGNORE any rain report that’s less than 75% chance, because it’s so often just a splash (or nothing at all).

I’d do the same. If it’s less than a 75% chance of rain at any given time, you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!! You’ve made me feel A LOT better about how our week is going to go!

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Been here all week and everyday has supposedly been “nothing but rain”. Nope. There’s been several hours of light rain, a few minutes of “what deity did we piss off?”, but it’s mostly been overcast only. There has also been more than a few hours of blue skies and puffy skies white clouds.

If you are like me and have someone in a chair the whole time or easily gets cold (75 degrees was considered “cold”)… it can suck. Bad. But otherwise it’s a non issue and even fun at times (walking and laughing like crazy through HEA in that downpour is not something I’ll forget soon. )


I stand by what I said before, but I did learn last night there is a tropical storm hitting us over the next week.

Most important paragraph from that post:

Early in the week, more scattered thunderstorms are expected across Florida and the Southeast, generally on the order of what you’d find on a typical summer day. Some of these may trigger localized flooding in a few spots.

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So, @sawah3 - continue to NOT freak out, but do bring ponchos. You’ll be fine. We’re all in it together (at the happiest place on Earth!).

Trying really hard to keep the freaking out to a minimum, but a TROPICAL STORM?! Does that sound worse than it is?

Several years back, we were in Orlando (visiting Universal on that trip) during a Tropical Storm. It started raining about half-way through one of our days in the park. Turned torrential. It didn’t stop for a day and a half. We skipped the park day we planned the following day, obviously, and hunkered down in our condo with a couple movies from Redbox. We did venture out once to try to go to the mall, but that was short lived.

Anyhow, since we had an extra day anyhow, we just shuffled our schedule around. The next day after the Tropical Storm passed, it was gorgeous (but humid!). We had grand time, and not to mention a memory.

A bit of advice: Take a screen shot of the weather radar as the storm passes over. We did that and it ended up in our vacation photo book. It is fun looking through our vacation book now and seeing all of Florida covered in severe weather, as if to say, “Look! We survived a tropical storm on our vacation!”

We are travelling on Saturday too and having review the as linked and watched the development for the past 3/4 daysit does appear that sat/sun and Monday will be a wash out for most of Florida ( it is a storm surge not your one hour of rain) There will be no escaping the rain but there are degrees of rain… I just don’t fancy the canoe type. We are in AK on Sunday and will have our raincoats sandals and paddles with us… wont spoil our fun as a I have an FOP FP lol… BTW what is the safari like in the rain? Poncho on and crack on I think @missexcited :slight_smile:

That’s right! I have seen people using this phrase on lines chat too now :joy::joy:

that’s looks insane lol glad you still had fun

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Oh and the safari is great in the rain, it cools things down and brings the animals out.


I thought you did use it on chat…? maybe not… well you are stuck with it now lol

I used it here on the forum. It’s nice to have a catchphrase :joy:


We plan to go to AK on Sunday also…there’s no turning back now so we’ll just have to make the best of it. I am wondering if we should forego going to Epcot on Monday and go Tuesday instead which was supposed to be our “off” day.

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See you there! We are going to KSC which is inside so we are covered for Monday… Tuesday HS and Jedi fighting time :0(