FPP day anxiety

It’s happened. The 60 day mark has crept up on me. It was SOOO far away. Now it’s tomorrow. And I am PANICKING!!! I have never done this before!! I have all my touring plans set, I have a list of which fastpasses I need to get for which dates and times. I know that SDD is going to be my Everest (funny enough I’m not at all worried about EE). We’re going to HS on 60+2 and SDD is already gone for that day according to the dibb FPP availability website. I have backups for squeezing it in later in the trip.
What if MDE doesn’t work? What if the screen that says “Not so fast, you need to link tickets” shows up?? What if I oversleep??? WHAT IF ALIENS ATTACK IN THE NIGHT AND CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT IS DESTROYED?!?!?!?

But seriously, I can’t wait until this time tomorrow, when the worst of it will presumably be over. My heart cannot take this level of anxiety, and my stomach is threatening to revolt at the merest thought of a crumb.

Reassure me that all will be well please? That I’ll book my FPP, and it won’t be comparable to my DS17’s algrebra II homework? That I will live to actually enjoy my WDW trip and it will still be an amazing time no matter what happens?


Alien Encounters closed at WDW quite a while ago…so no need to worry about that (couldn’t resist)
You know to get your hardest FPP first (don’t have to do all 3 in same park or even same day). And if you don’t get exactly what you want, you can try and modify before you even get there. Take a deep breath…it will be okay


check to see if it will let you book today. Some people have had their window open early

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Yes, that’s one attraction I’m kinda glad I never did. ::shivers::

I do have all my hardest to get FPP’s listed as first to go for (SDD, FOP, SDMT, FEE, TOT). I feel pretty prepared, but I am unfortunately a worrywart, and I’m just running through worst-case scenarios in my head! Thank you for the reassurance! :relaxed:


I’ve actually been checking every day for the past week to see if it would let me book! I’m apparently not one of the lucky ones!

My 60 day window opened four minutes late. You can imagine my stress level.

It will be ok. But TOT is going to be harder to get at a decent time than 7DMT and FEA. The Dibb shows availability for 4 on a lot of my days but MDE doesn’t back that up. If you’re happy with a later time, it’s less important though. The earliest available on my 60+2 was 5.20 and that was the day I did first because I wanted SDD (which the Dibb also said was available and wasn’t).

Last year I had a trip scheduled and on FPP day - the worst did happen - system was not working and couldn’t get ANY Fastpasses until later in the morning…turns out no one else could either, so the only one I couldn’t get was SDD, but I may not have been able to get that at 6:00 am anyway. Stuff happens, but it will be okay. At least your going before SWGE. My Fast pass day is the day SWGE opens :frowning:

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You’ll be fine !!! :smiley:

And don’t forget, whatever happens tomorrow, there is still a lot that can be done after, including getting multiple day-of FP+.


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I actually have us going to AK first that morning, just to wander, and then head over to HS, so later FPP would actually work well for us. If I can’t get TOT, then I’ll just tack it on to a later day with SDD, worst case. But now I think I’ll put that FPP as the 2nd one I go for after SDD, just in case. Thanks!

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Oh Jesus wept, don’t say things like that! I’m trying to decrease my anxiety level here!
I have mixed feelings on missing SWGE. On the one hand, it’s my DBF39’s first trip, and I don’t want to turn him off of Disney by dealing with unimaginable crowds. On the other hand, I WANNA FLY THE FALCON!!!
It’s a love/hate thing!

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Yes!! I fully plan on grabbing lots of SDFPP and modifying, so we can just ride, ride, ride!

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Sorry, didn’t mean to stress you out. I was trying to let you know that even though I couldn’t start really booking Fastpasses until around 9 am because of system, I still got everything I wanted at the times I wanted except for SDD.


It’s ok, it is comforting to know that even though the worst happened, it all worked out well in the end. I just have a tendency to focus on the negative. And on the amount of Tums I’m likely to go through before all is said and done. :rofl:

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First of all, you’re miles ahead of the general population if you’re planning this far out. So it will be fine. Maybe not perfect, but it will be fine.

I think having a backup and maybe even a backup for your backup on SDD might be a good idea. 60+2 very likely won’t work out… we originally planned 60+2, but ended up with 60+5 on our SDD FPP and we had to settle for a time later in the day than we really wanted. It is what it is and we got one though, so that’s the main thing. Whatever the case may be for you, good luck!!!

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I actually do have two backups! If I can’t get SDD at 60+2, then I’ll try and grab for 60+4 AND 60+8. That way we can do it either on our resort day (60+4) or our last day before Tragical Express picks us up (60+8). And whichever one we don’t use, I’ll drop to make someone else’s day! Same will probably go for TOT as well, since it seems to be quite difficult to get with the refurb.


Not sure if this will make you feel better or worse, but here is what happened to me last year …

6:55 am (Eastern Time) - Wake up
6:58 am - Log-On to MDE
7:01 am - Book FP+ for FOP for 60+3 at 11:00 am – Yeah!!! Things are looking great!
7:02 am - Try to book FP+ for 7DMT … get error message – Panic sets in
7:03-7:10 am - Try again and again - and keep getting error message - Major panic sets in
7:11 am - call MDE support … wait for about 20 mins on hold (imagining all the FPs being grabbed by other who aren’t having these issues) … told by CM that it is a system wide issue and no can book FP+
7:30 am - about 10:30 am - keep trying to book FP+ – want to start booking as soon as system is working again
about 10:30 am – I can book FP+ again!
10:30 - 11:00 am - book the rest of my FP+

I ended up getting almost everything I wanted at the time I wanted (but had to be flexible on times/dates for 7DMT and PPF).

Despite the issues and panic, it all turned out fine and we had amazing trip! I expect that whatever happens tomorrow with your FP+ booking, you will have an amazing trip too!


I was able to get ToT my first night (August 9th) but I had to take the 7:30pm window. I got it the afternoon my second day. SDD was not available either day.

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I’m throwing back Tums just reading this! Again, comforting to know that it all kind of worked out in the end. What concerns me is that I have AT MOST, an hour and a half to book, as I have to leave for work at 8:30am. I could probably continue at work (iffy, depends on if my boss is in, looking over my shoulder), but I hate to take chances. I thought about taking the day off, but my DD8 has her field day on Monday and I couldn’t justify taking both days off (and DD would be devastated if I missed her field day). I’m just planning on being up and ready to go by 6:15am, and soldiering on with however much I’m able to book!