FPP 60 Days Out - This USED To Be Fun

Has anyone ever been able to start their FPP reservations 60 days out right at 7:00 - even 7:00 to 7:05? It never lets me in on time, and there’s always some sort of trouble with the site.
But today I was prepared and expected it to go array. (FPP day last year was met with disappointment of not being able to get logged in and getting NONE of the FPP I wanted. I was so disappointed.)

When 7:00 rolled around I got the dreaded “You’re too soon” message.
This went on for 10 minutes when it kicked me out and told me to sign back in.
Of course when I went to sign in: “The username/password does not match our records.” Mind you, I had just logged into three browsers AND the app, but all of a sudden I don’t know my password.
Fine - clicked on the link to reset password. The link they send in email says "Hmm … Something unexpected happened. Please try again in a few minutes. If you need help with your account, contact Guest Services." Tried two more times - couldn’t get it to work.

The app hadn’t shut down on me yet, so I went there. Clicked on the link to reserve FPP selections and got "We made some minor updates to the design for selecting FastPass+, and added info to help you plan ahead. Please visit My Plans to change your selections."
Okay - but you haven’t allowed me to make any selections yet, but whatevs - I’ll head on over to My Plans.
Finally at 7:15 I’m in and making selections with times that make no sense with my touring plan. I did get 7DMT and FOP, which were two I couldn’t get last year. Was hoping there would be an option for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway since it opens the day before I leave, but not yet. This used to be fun …:roll_eyes:

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Sounds a nightmare. :frowning:

MMRR will almost certainly not have FP when it opens.

It may use a virtual queue (like RotR). Or they may just use stand-by only and use a VQ if and when necessary.

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Great job getting in through the app. The website is down for everyone it seems!

Not just MDE – I cannot get in to DVC!

Yes, I had an alert set for a CC studio (changed plans since I set it) so I tried to look.

That’s what I was up to try to get…

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Do you think it will be as crazy as ROTR? Going in April hoping to ride the Mickey ride!

OP sounds so frustrating!!!

Oh! Tell me how it goes! I suspect you will see a lot of walking like I did last year. I got it about 4-5 days later very early morning last year.

Now I’m getting the Olaf-chasing his-head “oops!” screen.

I guess this means no one else is able to book so maybe it won’t be a disaster and we’re all having to wait! My days are pretty flexible.

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Not as crazy. If they use a virtual queue, I would think people will be able to join a boarding group well into the afternoon.

I expect it to be great, and popular because the entire family can ride. And it’s the first Mickey ride at WDW (I think). And it also has re-rideability. :wink:

But I doubt there’ll be a stampede to ride it. Maybe first thing the first few days, but I bet that by lunchtime you could ride or join a. BG for the afternoon. Just my view of course.


Yes I’m excited with my young kids, will be great!

Finally got in – studios are not available for Dec 5 (today’s booking start) but yes for the days after so yeah, probably the walking issue.

But I decided just to book a one-bedroom – I’m sure I won’t have trouble convincing someone in my family to join me for some pre-Christmas WL and MK cheer! This is what I bought the WL-CC contract for, after all!!!


Congrats! Last year the one bedrooms were not available either and I never saw one! It is so funny- did I tell you they upgraded me to a one bedroom for our one night?

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That is nice!!!

I even contemplated just getting a cabin for 1 or 2 night – that would use up ALL my points!! – if I couldn’t get even a one-bedroom. I really want to spend at least 2 days at WL with the Christmas decorations.

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And I owe you an apology for hijacking your original post!

So in hope of some redemption, I thought I’d note that it looks like all the Disney sites were having trouble around the time you were trying to do your FPP, and they progressively fixed them, starting with the MDE app, then MDE browser, then right before 9am the DVC browser site. As I was waiting for the last (grrr) I kept checking the MDE app and browser site. I got in to the app ok around 8;15am, then MDE browser around 8:45 without being able to list my plans, then I could get my MDE plans, then finally the DVC site.

So unfortunately you got hit by a bad Disney IT morning :frowning: Good thinking to use the app when the website wasn’t working.

Have you tried modifying your FPP times now that you have them? The website is back up so that should be easier, just in case.

Well, that sounds frustrating. I’m glad you got good stuff though. A little envious, but still happy for you.

I think they are going in and out. I got the password error after you booked your DVC @DumboRunner but got in about 10 minutes ago.

Hey, it’s not problem. Your post let me know lots of folks had Disney IT woes this morning.
I am will definitely modify 7DMT and FOP because they have me riding late in the evening, which doesn’t work. The good thing - I’m doing two days at MK this time, so my other 7DMT FP is right around where I wanted. Didn’t get a FP for FOP at all last trip, yet I was able to ride three times with rope drop and same day FP refresh. As frustrating as my experience was this morning, I still faired far better than last time. Now I’m off to try and fix the password issue. :smile:

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It was a total mess this morning! I had to log back in at least 3 different times on 2 different devices! In the end I got everything we wanted though! Didn’t need FOP but plenty of availability this morning 60+2 and 60+5. Got SDD for 60+4 in the afternoon. Really fun to just focus on coasters this time😍


I couldn’t get on to MDE until 7:15 today! Thankfully I was able to get everything except SDD (60+1).