FPP 60 Days Out - This USED To Be Fun

My FP day was today too! So frustrating waking up early and then watching FP times disappear because the website is experiencing technical difficulties from too much traffic! Took at least 5-7 minutes Before I was able to book anything! I was really hoping Disney would change the FP situation at HS before the spring break crowds. I’m guessing we’ll be redoing our HS plans anyway if/when they announce a park hours change or what the actual plan is for riding MMRR.

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I might have been stomping my foot and muttering under my breath!!!

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I had a similar issue when I went to book my FPPs earlier this month. In fact, the system booted me out and then informed me that there was no account with that username and password. :flushed: After a few desperate attempts to login again, I decided to try a password reset. That effort failed but a magical phone number appeared directing me to Disney IT for a reset. When I explained my problem and not being able to make my FPP reservations, the kind CM asked me what I had been hoping for and proceeded to make all my FPP requests for me. She was done in less than 5 minutes and has my eternal gratitude. Something to consider should you ever find yourself in a similar situation.



My FPP date is less than two weeks away, so this thread is stressing me out! Ha ha!

Does anyone know if its better to use the app versus the website? I was planning on logging into MDE using Chrome but the website generally takes so long to load I wonder whether the app would be better.

I had both Chrome and the app (on my phone) up and running at 7:00 am on my FP day last Wednesday (Jan 15th). The website kept telling me I was not in my FP window. Logging out and back in seemed to fix that, but I was able to get all of my fastpasses on the app before I fixed the website issue. Took less than 15 minutes to do 5 days of fastpasses. And they were all pretty close (within a half hour) of the times that I wanted. Well, except for FOP, but even that I got for 2:30 pm on day 60+3 which was earlier than I expected to be able to get!

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Thanks! Not sure why I feel the Website will be more ‘reliable’ but I’ll definitely start with both open and see what happens.

I’m shooting for FOP on 60+3 on a AK level 10, so I’m going to need fast fingers or your luck. The alternative is 60+8 on the last day we’re there, but I am already planning to rope drop it.

Our AK day is also CL 10 and there were lots of fastpasses available for FOP from 2:30 onwards. And that was for a party of 6 people. I think you’ll be fine!