FP4me like res finder but for fastpasses

The chat shared the following website. It’s like res finder but for fastpasses. Seems legit. Give it a try.


(I fixed the link)


The url doesn’t work for me.

Try fp4me.com

Has anyone here used this?

That looks sketchy as hell. I wouldn’t put my email address in there. Hard pass.


Hmmmm, I was thrown by the “Found!! 4 FPP for It’s Tough to Be a Bug requested on March 16 by ……” Would someone really put in a request for a FPP for ITTBAB???

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Someone on Chat had used it. They said when you sign up it tells you that they won’t use your information for anything, and that the guy who created it did so for his own use but then decided to share it for others to use. I haven’t personally used it…

No but someone would use it for testing. I did the same at the beginning when I was trying to figure out Res Finder.

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Problem is FPP don’t work like ADR’s so if they find one you might still have to refresh 30 times for it to show up. And meanwhile I would expect someone else to get it!

maybe but I just got two FPP for 7DMT for next Sunday so it gets my vote. This thing is better than sliced bread!


Ooh, I have so many questions! Does it send you a link? Does it tell you “go get it!”? Did you have to refresh to find it?

No link. The process is not as smooth as Res Finder.

You only receive an email saying that your fast past is found and the time for the fast pass.

You can setup a SMS alert (no link, just a message) using a third party service and they show you how to do it. However, I found it difficult to do and I consider myself savvy.

It’s far from perfect but it better having to endlessly refresh.


Well, I go by the old saying, “If you 're not paying for the product, you are the product.”
As someone in Chat pointed out, the server time is not free.

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Thanks for the report! Did you have to refresh around to get it to pop? Tx!

I didn’t have to refresh. It works essentially just as the coordinated FPP drop you would do with someone from the chat.

Discussed today on Backside Of Magic beginning around the 10 minute mark in the show.

The guys seem to think it’s legit.

They don’t think it’s super useful for day-of but may be useful for identifying drop times for mass release day of. They do think it could be helpful in checking in advance for better times or rides than what you could secure during original FPP reservation time. They also seem to think it would be helpful for early notification of park hour extension when FPP are added to the extended hours.

Overall they think it’s a good tool to add to your repertoire and they intend to utilize it.

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My computer says “website not secure”. Anyone else getting a security warning?

Just curious. Are you afraid someone finds out that you preferred time to visit an attraction is in the afternoon rather than the morning? Because the site literally doesn’t ask you for anything besides that. No credit card, no social, not even your name.

If, on the other hand, you think a hacker will “enter” your computer then rest assured that browsers don’t work that way.

LOL! You could tell in a few short sentences how tech savvy I am, huh?

So, why the warning if none of those risks exist? I have never seen that warning. I am not tech savvy but I am on this thing all the time. So a little wary when something new like that happens. It’s in red in the URL window. On a MacBook, btw, if that matters.

I set up a FP finder for SDD for my short trip coming up (next week!) because I couldn’t get one for 60+1. I got an email 2 days ago telling me there were 2 open for the day I wanted, and I was able to book them! They’re the same time for a dinner reservation, so I’m hoping to modify them, I got an email today a better time was open but by the time I saw it, I was too late. The site works!