FP+ System Changes now in effect

Following the rumours and much discussion on other threads about the possible changes, these have now been put into effect.

  1. If you cancel a reservation for which you have FPs booked, those FPs will be cancelled. You will have two days to rebook in order to keep them.

  2. If you move offsite, you will no longer have a rolling 60 day window. You will need to wait until the 30 day mark to book those offsite FPs.

So basically what we expected, with the added riling window loophole closed. Just implemented a few weeks later than rumoured.


It also took out the ability to book between 30-60 if you stay off site first and then onsite.


Good catch!

Anyone know what time of day those FPs would be released?

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My guess is it would be done overnight with a scan run against flagged MDE accounts, matching FPs with a reservation.

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Does anyone think this will have a major impact on FPP availability at 60 days? I’ve never used any of the “tricks” to getting FPP at 60 days without staying onsite, and I’m wondering if there are a lot of people that were doing this.

Interesting question!

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I would have assumed that Disney was doing this exclusively to avoid having to deal with re-booking the cancelled rooms, but taking away the leading/trailing reservation loopholes says they may have some concerns about FPP availability as well. It may only be so they can sell more club level FPP upgrades, but still…

That stinks if you do split stays. Makes it much harder to get quality FPP

I’ll say again that Disney are clamping down because of the monetary effect on them of late cancellations that are harder to resell. Not some altruistic move on their part.

Therefore it seems that there must have been a significant impact from it for them to take action.

I find it interesting they have also closed the rolling 60 day window and the open window before your onsite stay as well.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes a 0.5-1 day difference with all the rolling windows for regulars and people using throwaway rooms. With SWGE, I don’t know if we will be able to see how much of a difference it really makes.

As far as we know, the split stays aren’t affected. You still get to book FPs for all parts of a split stay.

However, that would be one way to stop the leading reservation issue. Crude and would affect a lot of DVC members, unless they put in an over-ride like with ADRs. There are other ways to do it that wouldn’t impact split stays, but I don’t see the immediate benefit to Disney for doing it.

I think they are concerned about FPP availability. If you can’t get a FOP FFP for the first few days of your trip and the ride has been open for more than a year, it does not bode well for SWGE FPP. So I don’t blame them for closing loopholes


Thanks! I thought they were changing to be like ADR’s where separate windows were opening on splits. I did not read it carefully enough

That’s how I read it!

It’s a loophole that some were using, booking & cancelling. Not blaming anyone for using it, it was there and tempting to use I guess. I’ve never done that, but then we’ve stayed onsite for years now.

The one I’m really glad they’ve stopped is folks booking 1 campsite night, then cancelling to get all trip 60 days fpps. I’d guess that could really mess up families’ ability to book a week of the campsites. Also must have messed up Disney’s bookings.

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But I can still book a campsite for my whole trip and not use it, right? :wink:

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I think you can still book it for one day and not use it. But you’ll only get your 60 days for those 2 days of the stay.

Anyone know what happens if you cancel within the 30 days?

Hopefully they cancel them. Is there a cancellation penalty at 30 days or less? If they allow people to keep them if they cancel the room later with a penalty, they are just selling FPPs and still have a problem with booking rooms. They also would have trouble using FPP for what I assume is its intended purpose of park hours and staffing planning.

Room only bookings have to cancel by 5 days out, packages at 30. I’m not sure what they’ll do if people cancel after 30. If they’ll somehow flag the FP since they were made more than 30 out or not. I won’t be the one to test that part out. We’re looking forward to POFQ :slight_smile: