FP for FOP at AK is insane!

My 60 day window opened this morning from 5-30 to 6-4. I had planned to get a FP for 6-1 and there were none available for the entire day (same for 5-30 & 5-31) Luckily I found 4 evening times available on 6-2 and grabbed one of them up (this is only for 3 people) I had to adjust our plans (change a dinner reservation and switch parks I had planned out for 2 different days just to accommodate a FP for FOP) Anybody else do something like this just for a ride? I wanted to make sure we got to ride this without a 2 hour+ wait and rope drop still seemed like a risk so I changed plans. We have never ridden this and only visit Disney every 3 or 4 years. Am I nuts?

Same experience for me this AM for my late May/June trip. Was able to get FP+ for FOP on 6/3 at 12:05pm but struck out completely for 06/01. Got FP+ for Navi River instead for 9:45am on that day.

Debating my strategy to standby for FOP on 06/01. TP predicts a 154 minute wait at RD (no EMH on 06/01), and predicts 121 minutes after lunch, Who knows what is the better approach . . .

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First, I think you did really well getting an FOP FPP at the 30 day window! Congratulations!

Second, I agree that this is insane. We are staying onsite specifically so that we could use the 60 day fpp+ booking window for FOP. In fact, I pre-purchased the Ultimate Night of Adventure as an insurance policy just in case I couldn’t get an FPP during the booking window. (Since you asked what other crazy things people have done for this ride.) Fortunately I did get the FPP so I can cancel the package and never, ever tell DH.


whoops should be 60 and not 30 - I edited it.

Hahaha! I often wonder how many of us do stuff like this!


Congrats on getting one at 12:05 on 6-3. Good luck in standby on 6-1, we are going to do the wait and see approach also for standby the other day we are at the park. Many have said you want to experience the queue at FOP but is it worth it for 2 + hours?

The queue really is worth it. I think it’s a good plan to ride with a FP if you are able to get one and then ride again by waiting in the queue. Jumping in line right before park closing could make your wait less than 2 hours (our wait was about 90 minutes at that time).

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The custom TP software assumes that you will arrive at opening time and not any earlier. That is why there is a 2+ hour wait listed on your touring plan for FoP. Getting to the park 90 minutes early will put you to the head of the line to get in the park. With the AK opening procedure, they will let you through the gates 30 minutes before opening and escort a mass of people to the FoP queue. You may be lead through the FP queue and miss the main queue and all the stuff to look at. But reports have been that some people are getting to ride before the park officially opens.


I just got our 60 day FPP too and managed to get a FoP very close to what I’d planned. I’d been watching the FPP availability on this: https://touringplans.com/animal-kingdom/fastpass-availability/date/2018-06-02
for days before and saw how quickly FoP was dropping every day so altered my plans to fit what I saw was left and that worked well. The clear strategy for FoP FPP is to book AK as the last days in your trip. If it’s anywhere in the first couple of days of the trip you stand no chance.

Yes. I booked at 60 days for our first trip next week. Non park day for day 1 of a 7 day trip with 6 day tickets. Booked AK for days 6 and 7. Got FoP for both days at times I wanted, assuming it will be our favorite. Then we’ll see how much of the rest of the day we spend at AK, since it’s in the morning. Also, 2 days after I booked, parents decided to join us just for day 6. I was able to buy them tickets, link, and get them FPP at same time as us that day too. My mom thought they could decide much later as the dates got closer. I had to explain it doesn’t work that way, and they could come, but then wouldn’t get to go on the big rides with us.

We went on it last night. Our Fast Passes were for 8:50 so we actually went in the morning to do our other FP’s, left and did other things in the afternoon and returned that night. My husband didn’t understand the hype and didn’t really want to return but I dragged him along and…it was awesome! And totally worth it. My kids said they thought it was worth standing in line for three hours to do (as it seemed people were doing all day). Anyway, I understand why people are snapping up this fp. You do miss the very themed queuing using the fp. A woman in line behind us was upset and wanted to leave the fp line and wait 190 minutes to get the full experience. Her boyfriend talked her out of it.

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We got a FP in June and I it was phenomenal - but unless Chris Hemsworth is in that que there is nothing else worth waiting 3 hours to see :heart_eyes:



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Why is this? I am a complete newbie when it comes to FP’s. My 60 day mark isn’t until July and I’m so glad, I have no clue how to plan them!

Your window begins 60 days before your resort check-in day. At that time you may make FP reservations for the duration of your stay up to 10 days (I believe). So many people have been planning their AK day later in their trip, thus getting to make FP reservations up to 70 days before their visit.

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Oh I get it! So if I try to get AK fp’s on my first day, that day has already been reserved by others going up to 10 days before my first day. Now it’s making sense.

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Absolutely correct. This is why in my situation early in the thread I was able to get a FP+ for FOP on day 5 of my trip but struck out for a FP+ for FOP on day 3 of my trip. The FPs are taken by people whose trips overlap the beginning of your vacation. The longer you trip the better chance to get a FP for FOP towards the end.


This stinks because in my niavete, I thought we should/could do AK on our first day bc 1. EMH on our 1st park day & 2. since it’s our first time, we could ease into Disney!
And bc it is our first time, I do not want my kids (12, 9 & 5) first experience in a Disney park to be RDing for FOP.
I really don’t have to stress about this bc we’re not going til Sept and nothing is set in stone. If I can score FOP passes for a later day in our trip, then we’ll just miss out on the EMH.

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This is true, but it is for up to 14 days, limited, of course, by the number of park days you have available on your tickts.

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So, basically since I’m not staying in WDW resort and only have 30 days in advance, I have no chance of getting FOP Fastpass+? I want to know this because I will have to wake up at 4am to book the Fastpass for FOP and want to know if that is worth it.

Thanks ! I will surely stay on WDW resort next time.