FOTLK coming back!


This makes me so happy!

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Me too!!!

I’m so glad they confirmed! I wish the timing was a little more concrete, but I guess it will all be based on “conditions on the ground.” If we’re all vaccinated by July, maybe they can open it as it was pre-pandemic. Or maybe they’ll open the modified experience in early May, which is the earliest I would consider “summer.”


That’s happy news. It’s an un-missable show for us.


This makes me cry I am so happy.


I almost tagged you. :two_hearts:

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I’m glad I’m not the only one! I think it was when I read this part, “We are thrilled to be starting the process of bringing back to work more singers, dancers, technicians and other cast members…”


Never seen the show :speak_no_evil:

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I have almost zero interest in shows like this, but I’m happy it’s coming back for the performers and the fans.


I thought of you too! I’m looking forward to Nemo myself but am glad this is coming back.

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I’m not a fan of almost any of the other stage style shows like Nemo, Voyage of the Little Mermaid or BatB on stage, but I do love this show! Plus AK just needs something else to do!


Pretty sure I don’t like you.

Obviously - just kidding :grin:

My DD19 and I both sent screenshots of the announcement last night at the same time! LOL. We are crossing our fingers for late May or the first few days of June.
This was the show that we saw the first day of our first trip in 2017, and my DD10 (6 at the time), had met her limit of the car, and was not the best child. A cast member sprinkled us with Pixie Dust, I didn’t even know that was a thing at the time. He took us to a back entrance, said we were “Special Guests”, and we got front row, right beside the entrance for Simba’s float. My girls fell in love and all the attitudes changed from that moment on. It was the Disney Magic on their faces that all the parents talk about enjoying!


Reminds me of our second time at the show.

The first time, we were late in arriving and sat in the back, our DD3(at the time) was disappointed that she wasn’t one of the kids picked to participate in the finale.

A couple of years later, she’s now five, we get there extra early so we are first in and get seats right upfront. As the pre-show starts, I encourage her to be very vocal and animated so she gets noticed and selected to join in the show. To help encourage her, I was being very vocal and animated as well. Guess what? I get selected to be the guy who leads the Warthog section do the Warthog call. Almost as good as being that Guy at Monsters Inc.

Also, DD(now 16) got selected to march around and participate in the finale as well. One of those moments we’ll share hopefully for a long time to come.


First Thought: Awesome! I love that show!

Second Thought: Ugh … now I have to go revise my October AK TP.


I actually have seen it a few too many times myself, but I’m glad for the direction they are heading in.

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Any thoughts on when/if they might bring back the Tier1/2 packages? Seems it would be easy to do with social distancing.

My biggest regret on our last trip was not forking out the cash for DD and I to enjoy that experience. FOTLK is her favorite thing ever at Disney.

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There’s Tiers to FOTLK?
I thought that was just a dinner show (Aloha, HDDMR) thing

Tier I is Tiffins, front row FoLK, semi-private “behind the magic” Safari.

Tier 2 does not include the Safari

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