FOTLK coming back!

So you purchase reserved seating with a meal.
Sounds like the Mama Melrose / Fantasmic! dining package.

It’s been awhile.
Pretty sure when I went in 2000, you just checked the schedule of showtimes and walked in.
(I’d say just like Finding Nemo… but are you going to tell me that has Tiers as well?)

No, it is much more than Mama Melrose. It is reserved front row for your family. It is a Safari hosted by two AK Educational Experts. It is a private question and answer session. If you love AK maybe the Wild Africa Trek would be number 1. This is 1a.

I did not do it justice but post 1 on my experience- continued in the next post:


OK that does sound quite awesome.
Money aside, those private Safari / Q&A experiences usually aren’t on the table for us because there’s usually an age limit.

My daughter was 15 when we went for a mother/daughter trip last year. She would have loved this experience but it was our second trip in 2019. We’ve NEVER gone twice in a year and I was trying to keep costs down. Then COVID hit and FOTLK closed and I was immediately regretful. If the Tier 1 experience comes back we are eating Ramen for a month and going for it!


Anyone heard anything about when this will be reopening. Have a May trip planned and would love to see it again.

I believe it said Summer of 2021 when they initially announced and the touringplans application does not have it as an option for my stay on Jun 2 or 9 (my AK days). I think by summer of 2021 it’ll probably be later than earlier and not open when we go but fingers crossed!

Just know that Summer 2021 ends mid-September, and Disney has been known to lean HEAVILY on that sort of detail.

I will be pleasantly surprised if it’s available for my June/July trip, but I’m absolutely not planning on it or expecting it