Forum issue?

Strange issues with the menu lately. Top right beside dashboard it used to say forum, but no more. It seems to have disappeared. I had to search the website to find the url for the forum. Anyone else?


Yeah, I noticed it too. I found a link elsewhere on the site, but it’s not my usual way to get to the forum!

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Did it used to be on the drop down menu on the far right?

Haha the forum monitors are shutting the whole thing down. :rofl::rofl::rofl::upside_down_face:

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@len, did someone change the dashboard of the website?

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I think the newly added “TRAVEL” bumped it out

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On my phone I always found the link to the forum all the way towards the bottom of the page under “my conversations”.

I have the forum book marked on my desktop and phone so I would have never noticed this. :smirk:


Lol, it is always just open in the browser of my phone and iPad.


Same here. I’ve got a tab that I just keep open all the time.


Glad someone mentioned this. Yes it’s gone from the drop down! Was driving me nuts! Well I bookmarked the forum, but out of habit I keep going there! Is it on the dashboard at all? I’m looking on my phone if that matters.

The forum link is still on my dashboard (on my computer), but in a different location. It used to be in the top right hand area, near all the other links. Now it is along the right edge, below “Profile” and “Destinations” gray blocks, in a block named, “My Conversations.” That has links for the forum and for Lines chat.

I, too, was thrown for a loop by this change, and had to search TP for the forum link.

That top line also lost the link for “Other” which included the hotel links. There are no hotel links under WDW, DLR, or UOF.

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Yeah me too. Where I have the TP icon on my list of favourites on phone and iPad it’s the Forum.

If I want the TP Home Page I go to it from the Forum. I guess I’d have noticed eventually but I would tend to just click again on the icon to get back to the forum.

Funny, I have been a touring plan subscriber since 2012. I rarely go to the website (maybe 10 times at most in a year).

I guess chat/forum users are not the majority of the business?


I think we were having website issues. How’s it look now?

Still not under “More” on home page:

Not at top on Dashboard, but down under “My Conversations”:

I have to admit that I am rather frustrated that it seems to be harder and harder for liners to get to the forum. I know it is silly but a number of forum users never go to chat, so the recently restored link does not help. It was shocking to learn how many chat users always accessed the forum through that link.

For a while now, the forum has more park related info and threads than chat. It should not be this hard.


Same - it is one of my startup tabs on my laptop, and lives “open” in my phone browser.


Especially if/since when forum was born the initial goal was for it to become the place for Liners to chat. IIRC, Chat only lives on because there was a veritable mutiny at the mention of dissolving it :laughing:

Myself, I rarely go over there anymore, especially in the new format which I don’t care for. This format has always been more comfortable to me.



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