Forgive me, I'm confused

My check in was supposed to be the June 21 at Boulder Ridge. I think I’ll qualify for a “voucher” but I’m never touching Daves after this or any third party. I was prepared for me own risks but this is really terrible.


Daves did say in a Facebook post travelers from abroad with locked borders would get voucher. But its entirely possible your qurenteen would be lifted before then.

To add what @MrsWeb said i also watched the task force presentation this morning and they did talk about having a soft boot with cast members and other types of people speculated to be resort members. So its possible more info will come about that… might be some hope for something.

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:frowning: Sorry. The disappointment for the kids is so hard to see as a parent. DD4 (almost 5) has somehow figured out that our next WDW trip my not be happening and she has mentioned a few times how it makes her sad. She keeps trying to pin me down as to what month we are supposed to go, but I have been purposely vague. I keep telling her we are planning to go some time when she is 5 (that at least gives us a year).


Yeah, it’s sad. Every once in a while he brings it up, surprising me with the details he remembers from random conversations. Last week he finally asked me why I stopped coloring in the Mickey heads on our countdown calendar.

And my goal was to take this trip before my little guy turns 3. We’ll have one more chance in February, if that’s even possible. But I had dreams of seeing their happy little faces experiencing the Disney bubble for the first time. How excited would the little one be to see “Puto!” and “Pooh!”


You might be OK @reowens.

Up until now, with the rolling reservation cancellations, they have cancelled any stays beginning on a date when the resorts were closed.

Since your begins on June 21st, yours may end up being cancelled.

I am so sorry for anyone caught up in this. No-one could have foreseen this, and no-one is to blame.


Ah. Don’t blame you for those ages! :confused:


I almost hearted that post. My September plan has always been to stay on points and to go to Universal for HHN. That is great advice.

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Universal is actually closing most of their children’s area so you are right. I think it is a good plan for older kids.

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It is incredibly disappointing. So sorry for this…

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I was considering going to Universal instead, but I’ve got an AP for Disney so it seems crazy to spend additional money to go to Universal, money I wasn’t initially planning to spend. This is the worst case scenario for us. :cry:

But again, I knew what I bought into when I bought it. Just never imagined this scenario.


This post made me sad for the trip i cancelled. I was also excited to take my 3 year old and 6 year old while they are still excited for the characters. It’s ok to be sad for memories that are getting postponed! Hang in there! My kids didn’t know about our trips, but I was telling DH about the closures and how no character meet and greets. DD6 goes-“what?? What’s Disney with out the characters???” So I’m glad I decided to postpone but I’m also sad they feel like the perfect age to soak in Disney Magic this year.



I highly doubt everyone’s points in that time frame are expiring. I don’t see why there couldn’t be reasonable accommodation.

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@ChallahMonster This is a really horrible situation for you and anyone stuck like this.

I unfortunately agree with all OBN’s points. Especially that Disney does not care at all.

I think this might be your best way through, to at least a voucher as @reowens said. However, my guess is that even if the rental company is amenable to this for you, they may insist on waiting to the last minute to see if restrictions are lifted.


This is an issue for points from people with August and September use years. The resort closure was announced March 13th, and DVC waived the 30 day cancellation points-holding-account policy starting then. That meant you had at least 18 days to decide whether or not to cancel a reservation between 4/1 and 7/31 and retain full usability of the points.

Those with October or later use years are still within their banking windows and can cancel until May 31st and retain the full usability of any points. Points from April and June use years already got a six month extension, for which there was no precident.


I have posted a few times about my experience as a owner that rented out points. Today I will share the ending to this story.

I rented out my August 18 points because I knew I would not travel to Disney during the summer. I was going to use the points but when my husband surprised me with our 30th anniversary trip (April 2020) I shifted points.

I rented out to a family through the DVC Rental Store. Their trip was scheduled to start on June 23rd. I borrowed additional points to book their trip.

In April I told DVCRental I would refund and cancel the trip (before final payment). That process took a couple of weeks. I did get my borrowed points returned to their original UY.

The resorts will be open when this reservation was scheduled. Someone is going to lose points/money. There is no flexibility for me (other than using the points from June 23-July 31). I could have insisted the renter keep the reservation but I made the choice not to. I am losing these points. Sadly, they are BWV points and I think that hurts more because I have fewer years left on the contract.

I am older, financially secure. I would never expect every owner can take the loss. I will say- I will never rent my points out again.


This is the most important statement in your entire post.
How to resolve the issue is left largely in the hands of the owner.
I am sorry you are losing points. i am glad you have the flexibility to be generous in doing so for the benefit of your renter.


That you never know … my little guy (then 23 months old) was terrified of Pluto (and all characters other than Mickey and Minnie).

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Or for a charge back through your credit card.
Frankly I think David’s should have to eat this. It’s one of the risks of their business model. The owner and the renter both operated in good faith.


It’s a shame that there isn’t a solution that helps both sides.

Am I understanding it correctly that 1 side or the other (either owner or renter) will be screwed during that window where the resorts are open but parks are not? Assuming most renters won’t want to go since the parks aren’t open. I’m sorry you’re losing points @PrincipalTinker. Forgive my ignorance, but why can’t DVC give some sort of “redo” during that time frame?

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