Forgive me, I'm confused

Disney World isn’t opening up until July 11. Disney World has canceled trips through June 13. Where does that leave me with my rented DVC points starting June 28? The resort reservation, ADRs, and FastPasses are still showing up in MDE.

DVC resorts are opening 6/22

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Oooh, that’s going to leave a whole lot of point renters in a serious bind. They only get refunded if the resort is closed, but it’s not. But they surely didn’t plan on a parkless vacation. :anguished:
If the rental companies are smart, they’ll let them reschedule. Otherwise they may find a whole lot less people willing to take a chance on them next time.

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It depends on availability too, of points and rooms. DVC operates at 97% capacity year round.

Some will cancel but booking is still open and people are scrambling to rebook as it is.

The “shelf-life” of points are being extended but only for reservations that fall during the closure period.

But availability will be tough as you head into the Fall. Fingers crossed the brokers can help people with reservations whilst the parks are still closed.

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Omg, seriously? So I’m just out a lot of money. No recourse?

How many people really want to spend a week at Disney World without being able to visit the parks?


That’s awful, I would email and see what can be done.

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I would definitely contact them and see if they have changed polices. I don’t know who you rented with but from reports that I’ve seen David’s has been more reasonable than DVC rental store.

I feel like such an idiot. I canceled my reservation at Pop to make this DVC Rental for my family’s first trip, thinking it was going to make it so much more special for my kids.

Oh, I’m so sorry. DVC point rental is not for the risk averse. Maybe they will work with you. Try not to lose hope yet.

Worth calling to inquire. I wouldn’t mind time at a resort but I’m not you and you’re the one with the reservation. I hope it works out for you. :pray:t3:


Maybe go to Universal Studios while staying at the DVC?


That would suck totally. I hope you get some help with this!!!

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We’re in the same boat. DVC rental June 27th - July 4th at POLY with DS8, DD6, DD4 for our first WDW trip. Several emails back and forth today with the third party broker. Both our owner and the third party doesn’t seem to want to work with us at all. They say the points have no extension options – a fact I have not been able to independently confirm. They were also quick to point out that their only obligation is providing us with the room reservation. I say that the product they sold us is intrinsically flawed if none of the parks are open for the duration of our trip - how many people book resort-only vacations for their family of five at the POLY? So, we’re left holding the bill for an essentially useless reservation. The only logical thought the owner must have is “whew, I dodged a bullet. sucks for my renter!” I’d like to think that if I were the owner, I would offer to split the loss with the renter, if not offer a full refund.

I don’t understand the rationale in opening the DVC resorts three weeks earlier than the parks. Three days I might understand. Allows for a travel/check-in day, Disney Springs day, and pool day. But three weeks?! This was obviously going to be a problem for large numbers (thousands?) of DVC owners. Why screw over your most loyal customers? They could just as well have cancelled all reservations prior to July 11th and given owners the option of either rebooking their original room or a points extension. Disney knows only a small minority (if any) would keep resort-only reservations prior to July 11 – which points to the fact that this was a cold calculation designed to limit losses at the expense of DVC owners. Furthermore, they knew that some percent of those reservations were rentals that owners would have no incentive to change. That’s just cruel.

I’m not dragging my kids through the airport, on a bus (who knows if the ME will even be running?), to a hotel literally within view of the castle to tell them, sorry kiddos, we’re not doing any of the things we’ve been looking forward to for the last 2 years. We could have dealt with masks, one or two parks closed, limited attractions or dining, transportation issues, etc. and still had a magical vacation. But missing Mickey altogether? No way.

I’m not giving up on such a large amount of money – such a loss will prohibit us from scheduling another Disney vacation in the near future. Phone calls planned to Disney (first call they were unhelpful in providing any information I didn’t already know), third party, credit card company, and travel insurance to see if anyone has a solution. As it stands right now, I will never consider renting points again.


To mitigate even more points going into the overflow mess that already exists? Not ‘right’ per se, but probably part of the reason.

Unfortunately while that makes sense on paper, it’s not exactly logistically possible as there are actual availability limitations and also laws around the points

This, though it sounds callous, is something I am sure disney does not give a rat’s behind about. This has zero to do with them and is strictly between the owner, renter, and broker. they have zero responsibility here

That’s truly shitty. I don’t even ask to be pardoned for language because there’s no other way to say it. I’m so sorry :frowning:


One thing I will say is that I think the points rental business is going to have to change going forward…
No one could’ve predicted Covid, but I also think that points rental is very risky and final, and the companies need to do a better job of making sure customers understand that. The fallout for this lag between resorts opening and parks is going to bite points rental companies in the butt if they don’t take a more flexible stance.


When I saw the opening schedule, I thought “wow, there are some people who rented points for DVC who are going to be really screwed.” It’s a very unfortunate situation. I’m not sure why an owner should be expected to take the loss though. It is not their fault. It is not the fault of the broker either. And DVC isn’t going to take DVC points renters into account when making decisions. The guests who rented DVC rooms directly from Disney will be in much better shape trying to get refunds.

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I am so sorry! I really am. I can’t imagine how it would feel to get neither a cancelation nor a park visit opportunity. I say this not at all to diminish that or try to suggest in any way that it isn’t terribly frustrating and disappointing, but I saw on one of the articles I read today that they might do some soft openings of the parks before the announced first open days. I suspect they will in some way to test out the plans. It seems in my observations they typically do that with most anything they are trying new. I wonder if those who are staying at the DVC resorts those weeks in between the resorts opening and the parks opening will get to be the test groups and have an even lower crowd experience. Of course you can’t know going in so it doesn’t take away the rock and hard place you are in. But I hope for folks who are stuck and don’t end up with any out, they end up getting blown away with buckets of pixie dust dumped all over their vacations.


I like @ryan1’s idea to stay at Disney resort and spend time in Universal and maybe SeaWorld. That is if you do not get the refund.

I know it is not nearly what you planned, but can be a good trip nevertheless.


Could try an issue a charge back on your credit card. Might not work since they are open. Hopefully Dave’s comes through on this and reaches out to owners to reschedule if the points are not expired…

There’s still a mandatory 2 week quarantine for travelers from New York. It’s not realistic to expect us to fly to Orlando early and pay for a 2 weeks stuck in one tiny hotel room for the ability to use our overpriced hotel room for a week with none of the advertised amenities. As @wgmccorm said, I can’t imagine putting my family on a plane (which by the way puts us all at increased risk) to be AT Disney World but unable to do any of the things we’ve planned. My 4yo knows all about the parks, the rides, the characters. He won’t understand how we could be at Disney World but yet not there, at the same time. Hasn’t he had enough disappointment this year? He hasn’t seen any of his friends or even his grandparents for over 10 weeks, and there’s no end in sight. Camp will probably be off, as well.

@eug2506 @ryan1 I have no interest in Universal for a 4yo and 2yo. I hope to take them to WWHP when they’re teenagers and have read all of the books first! But right now, this is just not realistic. :frowning:

I understood the risks of renting points, but no one anticipated a global pandemic. It’s not like I was the only one not to forsee this event. (And I think we all know at this point that travel insurance hasn’t helped anyone.) If the resorts and the parks were opening at the same time, sucks for me. But this is kind of like being stuck in no man’s land. All other Disney resort guests can get refunds if the parks are closed on their vacation dates.

@OBNurseNH I will definitely be calling to inquire.

Planning this trip has been my happy little escape for the last year and a half. I went from not being much of a Disney person to becoming full on Disney OBSESSED! But right now… the thought of this trip or trying to reschedule a do-over trip just makes me sad.

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