For those who will be driving to WDW

I keep saying that I “know” I’m going to cancel our first week of August trip for me and DS11, but I can’t bring myself to do it just yet. Scheduled to stay at ASMovies, but with all the rumors circulating around of “possible” upgrades to DVC/deluxe accommodations, I’m still in a wait and see holding pattern. We were only going to do three TS meals anyway, so the ADR cancellations weren’t a deal breaker for us. Yes, I’m disappointed by no fireworks, but we’ve gone the past two summers and have seen all the fireworks anyway. My biggest disappointment, actually, has been the cancellation of MK EMM, but with low crowds it may not be needed. So, that brings me the the hurdle in the title of this post…driving to Florida. We always drive-about a 14-15 hour drive depending on the route. We break it up into either a one night stay halfway or two night stays when we have plenty of time, which for this trip we will. Anyone else planning to drive long distance for an upcoming trip? I’m wondering where we will stop to use restrooms along the way and also wondering how clean/safe hotels will be along the way. Any thoughts?

We are driving.

For our way down, we have planned two stops. Drive back, just one.

Restrooms are open in all states (I confirmed) so that’s not an issue.

As far as the hotel? I’m not really concerned about the hotels really. I suspect occupancy has been low, and the will likely assign rooms with at least a day between. Either way, we can wipe things down ourselves as a precaution. It really just is a place to sleep.

Are these just the state rest stops that are open? If we’re driving five hours a day assuming two stops there and two stops on way home, then that shouldn’t be a big issue. As of now with major fast food places not open to the public except drive through, our choices of where to stop might be limited to just those rest stops which are few and far between. Of course this could all change within the next several weeks.

Over the last month, I have taken a couple road trips that took me through TN / AR / MO / IL

I was worried about toilet breaks too. In those states, all the official Rest Stops were open as well as most dinning area of fast food places (McDonald’s & etc…)

Sadly, from my time in Missouri… 80% of ppl didn’t wear masks / practice social distancing and openly mocked me for it. (I learned to pee before getting to MO or hold it until I got out! :crazy_face:)


We are planning a long drive this summer through 9 states EEK (required) one stop at hotel, another w/ family. A friend just drove back from Dallas and said NM was the most worrisome stop, no shirt, no shoes, no mask NO service!.. They stopped one night in Moab and hotel was clean, pre-bagged breakfast to go in the morning. They felt pretty safe along the way. As I’ve been planning for our trip though I was looking at road blocks into FL and came across a AAA map that showed where road blocks are set. I’m assuming as we have post-protest spikes these will be changed:

We live in Missouri. Even near St Louis County, which has the highest number of cases in the state, many people are no longer wearing masks. :roll_eyes:

Boomland looked like The Perfect Storm for an outbreak! Everyone climbing on giant rocking chairs, no spacing anywhere and people clustered at the entrances / exits.

Once I got back in my car I practically bathed in hand sanitizer!

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I wish, I wish, I wish people would understand that even if they don’t care about getting it that they should care about protecting others. If I could just stay away from everyone until this all goes away I would, but I can’t and I want others to be kind for those of us at high risk.


We live just southwest of you in AR, and have driven to WDW a bunch (once even from STL when our son attended Mizzou). I think ryan1 summed it up very well for you if you still plan on driving. On occasion we have eaten at a local sit down restaurant when staying overnight somewhere, but would not do that now. Drive thru only. Otherwise you ought to be fine traveling by car.

We’ve had good luck in recent months traveling on the interstates and stopping at the chain truckstops such as Love’s and Pilot/Flying J. They are numerous along interstates, open 24 hours, have big restrooms that got cleaned often, and you can grab carryout food (pizza, sandwiches, McDonald’s, etc).

Also, we stayed one night at a chain hotel which had a bagged breakfast rather than their usual buffet. They had plenty of signs and hand sanitizer in obvious places, including by the elevator.

There’s a Rest Stops app you can download to your phone that’s quite helpful. We used it when we had to drive from Washington to my daughter’s college in Southern California. The day we drove down (18 hours in one day!) was the day California issued the state-wide shelter in place order. It was tough on the way home to find bathrooms. Some of the gas stations were only selling gas. If the bathroom was inside, it was closed. So we mostly stopped at rest areas for bathroom breaks.

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this is helpful information! I was planning on using rest stops on our drive anyway, since they are generally less crowed and usually cleaner than gas station rest rooms. And since we will be driving w/ trailers and not able to drive through drive-through we’ll be packing all our food with us. Not I must find this app you speak of… :thinking:

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When we drive from central MO to WDW we overnight in SE Alabama. In early May, just for fun, I looked at the Hilton website, as the hotel chain is in the Hilton family. The website had all the precautions we’ve come to expect. There was an alert at the top of the page about travel restrictions between states.

Also, our daughter and son-in-law drive a truck and have been working these last 3 months. They do seem to spend more nights in motels than they did previously.

Grocery stores should have open bathrooms. As well as Target stores.

If you are in the vicinity of one, I recommend Wegmans grocery stores. :grinning:

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Grocery stores are our favorite lunch spots, as well.

It’s one stop - eat in the deli, pause for the cause, and stock up on snacks for the road.

Our local full service grocery has opened their dining room this week. :+1:


I used to travel for work - about 3 weeks each month. Hotel lobby bathrooms are almost always immaculate! (Plus, you can fill your cooler with ice while there :sunglasses:)


We’ve done this as well, especially when DS was/is having a certain type of bathroom emergency requiring sitting. :grin:

I’ve wondered about this given the smaller number of people in hotels. Are employees more attuned to randoms now that there aren’t very many guests?

All great ideas-stopping at grocery stores and hotel lobbies…I’m supposed to be talking myself out of this trip and now …?

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As long as you don’t look like a vagrant or cause a disturbance no one is going to stop you or bother to check. They’re too busy dealing with guests / paperwork / phone calls. (or gossiping with coworkers)

Ha-all true! If anyone questions us at a hotel lobby I can always pretend to inquire about a room or something? :woman_shrugging:

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