For The First Time In Forever - A Return To Disney (And Travel) Trip Report

And Starlord and Drax. The whole gang.

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Guardians is the only Marvel franchise where I know all the characters. Mostly because of the Guardians ride at DCA which I LOVE. Will be fun to get a Guardians ride at Epcot … eventually.

They are my favorites!!! I need to get out to DCA once that opens up again for the Guardians ride there. And absolutely cannot wait for the Guardians coaster at Epcot!!


LOVE that bag!

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Thank you!! I never really wanted a Loungefly until I saw that one in a video in Studios - then when looking for it I found this one I was like “NEED!”

And I may or may not have just ordered the matching wallet. :rofl::rofl:


so fun!!! have a great trip!!!

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Can’t wait to follow along!!! We are starting to blow the dust off the planning engine too…


Thank you!!

Thank you!!!

I’m hoping the snow forecast for Thursday doesn’t materialize or is relatively light. My advantage is I am out of JFK which is usually the last to shut down…plus it is only 1-3 inches predicted, so minor compared to earlier this week.

Well, as of now, they are advertising “snow” in Atlanta… 1 - 3 inches might kill us… probably more along the lines of “I think I saw a snowflake in the air” for us…

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It’s been in and out of the forecast - I’ve been watching. They are pretty good about getting things going up here - IF there is an issue, JFK almost always gets going first, then EWR, and then LGA, largely because LGA is a tricky one due to its location.

I also avoid gluten. Last trip to WDW, every table service restaurant had a separate menu for gf or other food sensitivities and they often just brought me things that were gf but not even on the menu. Delicious and delightful. :grin:

Our 4 year old DGD has a LOT of food sensitivities/allergies. Dairy, eggs, gluten, all nuts and sesame. Our last WDW trip with her, usually a chef came to our table and went through menu options for her and/or made something special for her that fit within those limitations. I couldn’t have higher praise for the WDW chefs!


Looking forward to following along! Trip reports brighten my day.


Yeah, I’ve been a few times since being diagnosed with my wheat allergy making me go gluten-free. I’m confident I will find things to eat batons salad.

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Slight change. MK is now 2/14 and Epcot is 2/16. Just spreading the parks out a bit rather than 2 MK days in a row. Also reserving the right to change the 16th to AK if I get everything done I want in Epcot on the 12th.


Yep. I got the matching wallet. :smiley::rofl:


Wow! That is amazing!

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excited to follow along, I’m dying for a solo trip!!


Slight change.

With MK being unavailable for anyone on 2/14 I decided to nope that park reservation (plus I can only imagine the proposals at the castle…blech) and swapped to the 13th with AK on the 14th. Still got Tiffins for dinner - a tad earlier, so I will head to Pandora after. :slight_smile:

At this point no TS in MK for the 13th, but I am keeping a check.

Debating keeping Chef Mickey’s on the 16th since theoretically that - being Epcot day - would be the best day for me to go and get COVID tested without cutting into park time…but that would mean giving that up. Not necessarily a huge loss…but I would like to have ONE character meal, even distanced.

Still time to stalk and tweak.


Actually I think I am going to cancel Chef Mickey’s.

AK has no more reservations on the 15th, and I’ve already made plans to meet a friend there that afternoon (hopefully she can hop), so there is no changing that day. I would rather be there as soon as they open than be behind the crowd because of a COVID test. Especially when it just makes more sense to do that on the day with the latest opening park.

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