For all you SUPER planners tips or suggestions on my plans

Arrival 9/24 at MCO 10 am will be taking ME or Car Service (still undecided)
Anniversary trip 2 adults NO kids!

Day 1 9/24 MK

Day 2 9/25 HW

Day 3 9/26 AK

Day 4 9/27 EC

Day 5 9/28 MK

Day 6 9/29 EC

Day 7 9/30 HW

Day 8 10/1 MK

Day 9 no plans flight home 5pm

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Day 1:

Is 60 minutes enough for CRT? I’ve not dined there in ages so I can’t be sure. I might add a bit of a cushion. Although I do see you have 48 minutes before your first FPP so maybe ignore this :wink:

Use of your FPP at the times you have, without other things in between, doesn’t seem efficient. Unless that is intentional you have huge spans of time after you use each one. Maybe tighten up the times and add things in between? Especially because after HM you have only 5 minutes til MSEP and that isn’t going to be enough. I’m thinking you’ll miss some/a lot of the parade.

Why are you taking the railroad as your last step?

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Day 2: Love it, except for SW fireworks and Fantasmic. Not sure if you’ll be able to do this. I have several other days to review yet, but I’m wondering if there is a day when you could do one, and another day when you could do the other.

Day 3: after you ride the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, are you getting right back on and riding back, without taking in what’s over there? If not, leave it. If you’re planning to actually visit Planet Watch, you need to add that in. Rivers of Light? Has this opening been confirmed? No big deal if not as it’s your last step of the day. Except for these two small things I love this plan. I might add a little more time to Y&Y just for cushion sake.

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Day 4: a big breakfast at GG at about 9 and then a lunch at 1p at Le Cell? Too much food for me, but YMMV. Your WS touring seems pretty packed, unless like me you have things in there so as not to forget about them. Since you have so many days, maybe consider taking it easier and more casually in WS. Especially as this is a 1:1 trip with DH, no kids, a more leisurely pace might be more enjoyable.

PS for publicly published plans, it might be smart to remove the ADR confirmation numbers from your plans. Anyone with that number can make changes to the reservation. Just a heads up.

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Day 5: After Stitch (step 13) you have 288 minutes of free time. Are you planning anything in that time? This day looks really nice :slight_smile:

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I would agree that lunch at Le Cellier at 1 after a big breakfast is likely overkill. Le Cellier is great though - I’d probably look to do an early dinner at 4 to 5PM instead & just snack if hungry mid-day to tide you over. Everyone needs an excuse for an extra Mickey Bar, right?

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Day 6: Garden Grill again?? Wait - then it looks the same as your other Epcot day til 11a.m.? For me, same issue with timing of big breakfast at 1pm lunch. Also large break after step 13 until your Chefs dinner. Wait - three TS today? Seems like a lot. Anyway, after that huge break following step 13, maybe tour some of WS a little more leisurely than on your other day. Or go back to resort and return a couple of hours before Chefs and do the same.

Day 7: looks good, albeit quite similar to your other HS day. For me, HS is one day, max. I would probably opt to use this day or the other or DS, at least for part of the day.

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Agree, you have GG, LeCell, then SAI in the same day. Do you have the DDP?

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Day 8: Nice plan. Maybe get FPP for Peter Pan instead of LM? LM is a continuously loading ride so the line moves constantly. We have not used FPP for this and we travel in peak season and our waits have been short.

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We do have the Deluxe DDP and I know a couple of days are overzealous with the reservations but I dont know what to do! LOL

Taking the railroad as the last step was what happened when I optimized the plan. I thought it was strange too. All the times I have been to Disney I have never ridden the railroad!
I don’t think Rivers Of Light is confirmed but it allowed me to add it to plans so no big deal if it doesn’t run yet except that I will be disappointed! This is my first time using TP but I get tired of going and then remembering all the things I wanted to do and missed. This is only my 5th trip to WDW!
We are using the Deluxe DDP that is why some of the meals are bunched up I am sure I’m being overzealous with this but not really sure how better to manage it.
Would like to schedule more time for DS. We have reservations at Boathouse and Rainforest Cafe a couple of late nights.

Since you have 43 minutes after 7DMT before HM, how about moving the railroad there. You can take it from FantasyLand to FrontierLand, enjoy the ride, and save a few steps.

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How about some 2-credit signature dinners???

I have booked a couple of 2 credit meals…
Boathouse, Le Cellier, CRT, Brown Derby

Oh duh!

I am running out to do some things jus tnow but when I have time I will see what else I can come up with

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You are great! Thanks for all your help!! <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>

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Hi @rachstarr!

After my last post, where I was running out to do some things, I got caught up in a work cycle. Sorry to take so long to get back to you :slight_smile:

Can you tell me where you are staying?? This might help with some of the recommendations I might make.

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Haven’t looked at your plans yet but we will be there the exact same time! Arriving 9/24! But it appears we will not be at any of the same parks on the same day :slight_smile:

Have a great trip!

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