Flower & Garden Festival Question

Just realized that the Flower & Garden Festival is presumably taking place during our March trip (finding actual dates on Disney’s website is pretty much impossible). Is it mostly just the cool topiaries throughout Epcot or are there food booths and other events like for Food & Wine? Trying to figure out how much it will affect our leisurely walk through World Showcase on a Monday.

yes, all the festivals now have booths - although not as many as F&W still pretty varied. In addition lots of festival centric activities. definitely worth planning a leisurely day strolling Epcot. For 2020 dates are March 4 - June 1.


There are many wonderful food booths. We were there for F&G 2016 and loved it!

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Does it get really crowded in World Showcase like I’ve heard it does for F&W?

The crowd draw is more regular tourists, F&W brings out more local and evening crowds typically. But many dates during Flower and Garden can get a bit crowded. Touring Epcot noon to 4/5pm tends to be bearable if it’s a higher crowd level day.

Awesome! Thanks. Our plan is to get lunch in World Showcase early afternoon and explore it for a while, no set plan, before our 6:50 Teppan Edo dinner. Hopefully it won’t be too busy at that time.

There is also an incredibly lovely butterfly garden which should not be missed


I’ve never been there for F&W, but DH and I were there last year for F&G and it was lovely. Lots of great food booths, topiaries were pretty and a few other nice touches. We happened upon the Rick Springfield concert at American Adventure, super fun.

Happy to go back with the kids this year!

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We were there during the 2019 F & G and I don’t think it added to the crowds much, except the walkways were less open as there were more food booths & some other pop-up vendors.

The food was so incredibly good, though, that we didn’t mind it slowing us down a bit. We had ADRs for EPCOT that we ended up canceling because we liked the seasonal offerings so well, so allow time for a little indulgence on your leisurely stroll. :wink: It’ll be perfect for lunch but you might be too full for Teppan Edo!

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Thanks for the tip! Where is the butterfly garden typically located?

I believe it’s usually along the walkway between Imagination Pavilion and Canada.


The Flower and Garden festival is pretty much my favorite! Yummy (and beautiful!) food, the butterfly garden, lovely and whimsical topiaries all throughout the park… yup, I’m basically in love with this festival! :joy:

I was there for opening day of last year’s F&G and wrote a blog post about the highlights of the festival. If you’re interested in more details (and lots of pics) here’s the link… :slight_smile:


@paulasc The festival also has nightly concerts in the American pavilion similar to those during Food and Wine. I think the first one starts at 5:30. You could be right there before your Teppan Edo dinner.

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Lovely blog post.

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I have never been there for Food&Wine but I was there on the first day of Flower&Garden last year and I thought it was really crowded. Even after all my planning I did not realize it was the first day of F&G so I was not expecting the crowds. Definitely manageable but it just caught me off guard.

@NatLMain I was also there on the first day last year! I knew it was the festival but I didn’t realize it would be so crowded! It was awful. We went back a couple days later and it was better. We are going again this year and plan to hit the festival on Day 3.

We won’t be there until the 16th which is almost two weeks into the festival. Hopefully the crowds will have died down by then. Also, it will be a Monday which I’d guess might be better than a weekend.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It was only crowded because the F & G fell on Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday week. If you look at historical crowds, some years of F & G opening are low crowds.