Florida Visitor Toll Pass

I wanted to provide our experience with the Florida Visitor Toll Pass. It is awesome and easy to use. There is no reason to pay the rental car companies a daily premium to use their toll passes or to avoid toll roads.

We signed up for Toll Pass online before we arrived in Florida, https://visitortollpass.com/.

We rented three different cars over 16 days and had no issues linking each rental car to our Visitor Toll Pass.

At MCO when we arrived, we picked up the Visitor Toll Pass from its kiosk on the same level as the rental car counters. There were many people staffing the kiosk. We didn’t have to wait.

We hung the Toll Pass on the rear view mirror of the car, with the bar code facing outward. Cars in Florida don’t have front license plates. When you leave the rental car parking lot, cameras will take a picture of the bar code and car license plate to activate the Toll Pass. The cameras scan the bar code and then takes a picture of the back license plate when you drive across toll roads. Somehow, it all comes together and we get charged the toll.

The day we arrived, we drove from MCO to Costco in NW Orlando on Gardens Park Blvd and then to WDW Resorts. The toll was $2.73. We returned the rental car the next day and we deleted the license plate of the rental car from our online account. We were still holding on to the Toll Pass.

Later in the trip, we rented another car. We went online and added the license plate of this rental car. We drove from WDW resort to Kennedy Space Center. We were charged for toll both ways, a total of $7.24. We returned the car after the KSC trip and then got online to delete the license plate from our account. We were still holding on to the Toll Pass.

On our departure day, we rented a car for the third time to return to the airport (We didn’t have access to DME/TME.). We added this car to our online Toll Pass account. Toll to the airport was $1.93. We dropped off the Toll Tag at the airport and went on our merry way.

Our credit card was charged the entire toll bill ($11.90) 4 days later. Easy peasy.


Great information. Did you have to deactivate the toll feature on the rental car? Or decline it?

Both Enterprise at MCO and Alamo at the Disney Car Care said there was nothing to turn “off” or decline. The cameras would read our Visitor Toll Pass first. We have yet to be charged by the rental car companies. Plus Toll Pass staff said if there were double charges, call them and they would take care of them.

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Can you get this if you rent from the Dolphin? And can you sign up if you don’t have a US address?

Not sure how you’d dispute any charges though. I mean double charging - yes, that would show up. But how would you show you hadn’t driven to Tampa on a certain day?

I’d rather just pay as we drive, even though it is a pain to get all the change you need. We usually have to stop and get change at least once, not been a problem so far.

When I did this in July it was only rentals from MCO, because that is where you pick up the transponder. It worked for me the way similar transponder systems work for me when I am at home, where I have never had to dispute a toll. I thought it was a great, affordable, option.

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You have to pick up at the airport I believe.



Thanks. I always rent from Alamo so this is great info.

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According to their website, you need to rent and return a car from MCO. MCO is where you pick up and return the Toll Pass, and the Toll Pass gets activated as you drive off the rental car lot. But if you don’t have a rental car going back to MCO, you can just drop off the Toll Pass at the airport. We rented from MCO to begin with but had two other cars that we used the Toll Pass with.

According to their website, it doesn’t appear that you need a US address.

Using the Toll Pass is totally your comfort level. We see it as no different than our Toll Pass/transponder at home. All of our cars are registered with 1 transponder. We use it for toll roads, express lanes, and bridge toll. Even without the transponder in the car, it will take a picture of our license plate and bill it back to our transponder. If we use the transponder for a car not registered on the transponder, we get a letter to correct the issue.

I suppose it could happen but very unlikely for you to be charged for a toll you didn’t use. The Toll Pass number has to match the car license plate registered with it. If you keep your online account up to date, I would think it unlikely for you to be charged a toll you didn’t use.

But the Florida Visitor Toll Pass was very easy to use. We didn’t have to watch for signs to stay right to pay cash tolls. We just kept on driving. Do what you are comfortable with. But we highly recommend the Toll Pass and will use it again when we are in Florida.


It sounds good. If they rolled it out we’d obviously consider it. But we don’t have many toll roads in the U.K. so I have no idea how reliable the automatic readers are, or how often the systems malfunction.

But we don’t hire a car from MCO, we do it onsite a couple of days after we arrive.

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It’s only at MCO. You don’t need U.S. address. Wasn’t aware of it for July trip, so did the cash tolls, and almost screwed up going onto a toll road with out a cash lane due to wrong turn. So, Sept trip, we got one and it was awesome to not have to stop or pay extra fees! Have it reserved for trip in a few weeks.

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