Flights opening on Southwest

Southwest is supposed to be opening flights into January tomorrow. Any idea about what time this will happen?

Best guess 6 am but it could be earlier or later. Last summer I started checking every hour starting at 3am. I was able to book around 6 or 6:30 CST

I’ve heard the same - 6-7 am

Now, anyone have a crystal ball I can use to tell me whether I should book now and check to rebook if the prices come down, or take my chances and wait? :confused: I hate being this obsessive!

WOW - I thought I was hyper planner!!!

I am SURE you already know this - however - keep checking their site once you book and continue to rebook based on lower fares. I was using points - but was able to cut the cost in points by 1/2 by rebooking. You can even just rebook part of your trip. If the arrival leg price dips - you can just rebook that etc.

I already have $50 for each of us from prior rebooked flights! It’s getting out of control. Consider yourself mentally healthy and lucky you aren’t as hyper as me.:scream:

I’m so glad to see other hyper planners like myself here, lol! :wink:
I was super disappointed to see the fares available for my flight TO Orlando, SO much higher than I’m used to booking, I’m not sure what to do! Buy today? Wait until next week and hopefully the Tuesday Click & Save will have better fares? Are they higher b/c it’s the first day of release?

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I would probably take a ZANEX and wait a week. The best fares usually aren’t right when they open the window - but will dip later on.

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Last year we booked on the first day and I kept checking to see if the prices dropped just to torture myself. We never seen the price go cheaper for the flights we picked so we did the same thing this year and booked our flights this morning between 6 and 7 am central time. For us we either fly out of Birmingham or Nashville and the non-stop flights with best flight times always go quickly.

Ugh I hope so!! I’m freaking out. Just called SW and they said that’s the lowest fare which honestly is more than we planned on (or have ever in the past 6 years) for this flight! And to boot, the ONLY nonstop to Orlando that day from our city arrives at like 9pm. BOO. Checking other carriers. Did book our return flight though on a great deal w/ RR points.

ZANEX taken, and I put my CC away. In the last 10 minutes, I saw the flight I want go up $20, then drop $20, then go up $20 again. I’ve also taken a dramamine. I’m waiting.


So do this - Book the flights you can on SW and see what happens - you can always cancel for a full refund. Also take into mind the fact that you get free luggage on SW so that needs to be factored in. Last time - we had a late flight and it was actually fine. Everyone had their “regular” day and then we hit the airport. Got in late (around midnight) and then woke up to a FUN FILLED DAY. It did suck that we paid for a hotel room for a full night - but didn’t get to enjoy it all - but that is ok.

Try Kayak to searching flights. Also possibly change your days a bit. Mid week and saturdays are usually less expensive days

I wasn’t a huge fan of the nonstop options out of Birmingham for our December trip but at least we are booked now.

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I know, Birmingham was very limited on choices so we went with the flights out of Nashville. Last year we flew out of Birmingham and when we were standing in the security line waiting a security officer was making small talk and said that he would be surprised if Southwest stayed with Birmingham. Something to do with terminal charges?? After seeing the selections for our dates I can see that this may be true in the near future.


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I’m sure every departure city is different, but from mine we are about 3 months out from our trip and our flights have dropped by $150 total round trip since the day they were released. I’d wait and see if they go down. I love southwest, but the one downside is they don’t participate in any of the airfare watch sites, so those won’t be useful if you only want southwest.

LOL, I don’t READ it first!:wink:

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I had the same experience recently. I booked our 4/30-5/6 trip the day flights were released for those dates and kept checking. I never saw prices go lower than on the day they were release. Granted I wasn’t scientific about it but I checked every day or two in the hopes that they’d release a direct flight. They never did.

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My daughter checked about an hour ago and the return flight we have booked went up 20 dollars. I am sure they may go up and down but I dont think they are going drop more than what we paid because I checked a couple of other airlines and they do not have a direct flight to Orlando from Birmingham or Nashville to MCO. So in our area those direct flights are probably going to stay at what they are priced. Now that the flights are purchased it is time to gear up for the 180 mark for dining reservations! Hope you enjoyed your tirp.

My experience with SW has always been that the flights are cheapest when they first come out, unless they are having a sale. Their prices generally go up as the plane fills.