First-Timers Semi-Live Trip Report

8 person trip including myself, DH, DSis, and first-timers DM, DD9, DS8, DS6, DS(almost)4 (on first day in parks!)

4 adults/4 kids

Thanks to so many who have helped along the way! Special thanks to @OBNurseNH @PrincipalTinker @Nickysyme for answering my last minute questions!

Travel day today (because of cheapest flight prices) and staying off site for two nights before the bubble portion of the vacation begins Sunday!


Uber pickup was RIGHT next to our baggage claim which was amazingly convenient! Southwest lost a bag, but thankfully DM & DSis should be able to pick it up when they fly in later today! Never had a lost bag before, but the process was relatively painless and only added about 15 minutes to our time at the airport.

Uber driver handed out suckers to all the kids!
For our family of 6 we opted to try UberXL hoping we would all fit, but prepared to get a second car if needed! So far so good!

*uber tip: when first tried to order car, rate was $85!! Waited 5 min and down to $44….ymmv of course but waiting a few minutes if prices are exorbitant may help!


Made a mobile order for Geyser Point while at our first airport of the morning. felt like a planning rockstar

We were going to try and Uber straight there, but opted for the more lengthy Uber to TTC, monorail to MK, boat to Wilderness Lodge, as sort of “warm-up” rides. We have 2 dare devils and 2 VERY cautious children. Hoping we created some small wins for our more timid sons.

Of Note: I thought mobile ordering would allow us to actually eat in the open air restaurant. It didn’t. Found a table and chairs just outside, so no big deal, but would have loved to enjoy the ambiance from the inside. My people hadn’t eaten anything but Southwest snack bags since breakfast so we didn’t care where we ate! :rofl:

Wilderness Lodge was as gorgeous as I’d hoped and am so glad we went!


Yay! Have a great time! I am looking forward to following your trip!

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Oh bummer I didn’t realize that’s what you were thinking. GP has a full-on QS option (which is what you mobile ordered) as well as the sit down option. I hope you got a great table nearby - there are lots in that area, just not within the confines of the restaurant itself.

Glad you got to visit WL!!!


By the time we got there, the wait list time was 2 hours, so was just as well we had the mobile order spot! No one wants four hangry children in their life! Ha!


So excited for you. Love how you are letting your timid children warm up gradually. My not-timid but anxiety prone daughter was totally overwhelmed when dropped into MK at opening. Love that they are experiencing a little bit at a time.

I hope you have a fantastic trip!


We bring extra adults for our 4 kiddos too! So helpful to have that 1:1 ratio. Enjoy!


Adorable family! Have so much fun!


Hope you are having fabulous family bonding moments!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lazy morning watching cartoons (with commercials!) and sleeping off our travel day.

Brunch at noon at Homecomin’! Definitely lives up to the hype! I had the fried chicken, hubby had the Hushpuppies Benedict, the kids absolutely DEVOURED the deviled eggs, and sweet tea was of course enjoyed by all!

And of course some air guitar while we waited.


Spent the afternoon at Disney Springs. All the kids LOVED seeing the Lego creations!

DM and DSis joined us at 3:00 with the missing backpack in tow! Along with a $150 voucher because Southwest didn’t have to deliver…who knew?! Fun surprise!

Finished the night at Raglan Road and Gideon’s (I joined the 5 hour waitlist after lunch). We sat on cement wall across from the

Gideons cue to enjoy our cookies while dancing to more music from the outdoor stage of Raglan Road. Perfect evening!


The official beginning to our Disney vacation! (Up until now has been pre-activities based on flying out cheaply during the holiday break.)

Breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace was AMAZING!! What a perfect way to officially start the trip. All the adults ordered the steak which was so incredibly delicious!! And all our children had the waffle dippers which they thought was great fun!

It brought me so much joy to see DS6 find the hidden Mickeys on his cup and DM notice the artist’s palette shaped plate for the kids!

Views from the balcony were incredible, definitely worth taking a moment to step outside.

Even though the price is high because of the character meal, we would all do it again in a heartbeat! Major win!


So far my favorite Disney spot has got to be the mosaic tunnel on the way to the Skyliner from Riviera. We must have spent 20 minutes just noticing all the Rapunzel & Peter Pan details!


Skylinered over to Epcot to walk to Beach Club Villas. Spent the day at Stormalong Bay and then walked over to Boardwalk for dinner. The magic of the Disney Bubble hit us hard today. The whole day just felt absolutely idyllic and dreamy!

*I think this change felt particularly huge after uber riding in holiday traffic for two days!

5 star review for Stormalong Bay! Our not yet swimming DS3 our adventurous DD9 both had plenty to do while DM and I enjoyed pina coladas! Wins all around!


First park day today…hence the middle of the night/can’t sleep/Genie+ anxiety posting! Hollywood Studios is sold out, so we’ll see how it goes!


OK so I’m totally not questioning your choices in terms of more vacation is always better than less vacation. But, I’m curious – just how bad was the airfare that two extra nights hotel, meals, and activities worked out to be less expensive than the airfare?? :laughing: Again more vacation is better than less vacation so I suppose the math works!

What a great breakfast it looks to have been! I need to get back up there, but getting a ressie has been impossible the last two trips!

OMG that pic of your kids on the boardwalk is absolutely WONDERFUL!

Disney math always works out in the end.


So….for airfare on our cancelled 2020 trip we had 100% of the cost covered by points….prices were much higher this go around, so we were just trying to book as many flights as we could on points with the least out of pocket.

And, Covid numbers were sky high in Florida when we booked the two extra nights….for $71/night!

But, yes, probably also a little Disney math in the end! (Because also, I originally thought we were going to be working on missed school work those two days instead of playing….but then the more touring plans research I did, the more things we needed to see! :rofl:)


Hollywood Studios day was a HUGE success!
We bought Genie+ and scored SDD 9:30-10:30, and bought RoTR for 2:00

We rope dropped MMRR. We arrived at 8:15….so didn’t get off until 9:02, but it was enough for us to beat the rush to TSM. Did SDD at 9:40 and immediately booked MFSR for 7:10. Was thrilled to have been able to book this one before sell out!

ASS next with our highest wait of the day at 30 min. Toy Story land done by 10:30!

Did breaks/snacks/frozen sing a long before hitting Batuu for the afternoon.

Genie+ observation….we hit a minor snag here. I was eligible to book another LL at 11:40, but available ToT/RRC times conflicted with Oga’s/Savi’s. So, had to wait well past ability to book while semi obsessively keeping an eye on return times.

DS4 rode everything! But by MFSR he tapped out hard and I had to exit the ride via elevator with him. So the birthday boy and I hung out for a bit waiting on the others. Got the best pic of him and dad earlier in the day though!

DSis’s gift of the trip was surprise Savi’s for the kids! They LOVED it and talked of nothing but Master Yoda and Annekin the rest of the night!