First timer, 3 day cruise

at sea day and castaway day is the itinerary we booked. Would love some helpful hints and/or “you must know…” type info!

when I look at “Disney cruise” my chat here doesn’t even show up… nobody can see me I guess.

I see you. Unfortunately, I have zero experience with DCL. I know @brightlittlestarTA has done a few cruises.

At castaway cay, get off boat early as possible and make way to the beach ASAP to snag some chairs and or hammock.

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That’s the best 3 day you can get - no wasted time in Nassau. What ship? I can talk your ear (eyes) off about DCL. Who is in your travel party?

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@LaurelStewart, I read the new DCL book and found it helpful for first time cruisers (us). Loved the humor in it:-)

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Thanks! That’s so nice of you to say.

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We took the 3 day as our first cruise last September. Do you have any specific questions? We had all 7 of our kids ages from 17-1 they all loved it. One of the main things I would do different next time is WEAR our swimsuits under our clothes when boarding. We took them in our carry on to change but there was a long line for all the bathrooms to change in. We were glad we had them and utilized the pools and aquaduck right after lunch though. Do you have an early boarding time? Are you coming the night before?

wear swimsuits on board: GENIUS!!

We are a family of four - kids ages 10 and 7 when we cruise. Disney Dream, and family oceanview with verandah stateroom.

If you’re hungry when you board and are wary of the the crowds - head down to the buffet at Enchanted Garden. Much nicer atmosphere. Definitely do Midship Detective, but be prepared for a lot of walking (it’s a really good way to see the ship). Order room service once “just because.” It’s free (except sodas and tip).

If you pull the black out curtain at night, set an alarm for the morning. Otherwise you may sleep far later than you intended (this is from personal experience).

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hmmm… I replied to this but now it isn’t showing! November cruise, family of 4 kids 10-7.

I totally need to get in on this info. We are taking our first DCL cruise this dec on the Fantasy. It’s our first cruise ever! Can’t wait but I feel totally out of the loop. Where do I start?!?

@jilliusc, which book are you referring to? Would love to read it! Thanks!

@LaurelStewart ok so aim for early boarding and head to enchanted gardens for lunch? I like that plan.

I agree Enchanted is the best first lunch. You can sit relax and regroup.

Got kids? (I’m pretty sure you do) Make sure they get to the welcome meet and greet at their respective clubs. Really helps ease them into the club situation and makes them more comfortable.

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@PhiSigKris “The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line” by Len Testa, Laurel Stewart, and Erin Foster. I think it just came out very recently!!

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Which ship are you on?

We just did four days on the Dream.

We are doing a 3 day on the dream, and wish there was a sea day. We wont get off the ship at Nassau this time.

The only thing we got and would still get off at Nassau is to visit the hair braiders just by the “immigration” block. Supposedly the official braiders that they are much more reasonably priced than those on board the ship and seem to do a much better job. Alex has quite long hair and they paraded it in 18 great with beats for $20. They also like a hack also never pay the first price.

So if you have long hair and you want it braided that would be my tip