First (Short) AP Trip Report!

While I have gone to Disney many, many times, I’ve never had an AP. I live in Charleston, about 6.5 hours away so always thought it was just a bit too far. Turns out all Disney had to do to make me buy an AP was stop selling them for 18 months. The FOMO got me and I’m now the owner of an Incredi-Pass. Decided to put together a quick long weekend trip to activate and most importantly, watch HEA for the last time.

I have a couple meetings this morning for work and then will be hitting the road. Plan is to get down in time to pop into MK for HEA, then heading on to Tampa to stay with a friend.
Tomorrow we will drive back and start at Epcot with the plan to hop to MK later in the afternoon for another round of HEA. We are staying at the Delta hotel near DS Saturday night, and I will stay there Sunday night as well.
Sunday we will start at AK and hop again, probably to Epcot.
Finally, Monday morning I’ve got half a day before I need to hit the road to get back home. Right now, have a reservation for MK, but may switch to HS just depending on where all we end up hopping around to.

My plan is to do a live report, and can’t wait to get on the road and get started! I was at DL for the first time three weeks ago, so I’m also excited to have this trip so close to that one so I can better compare the parks.


Have fun!

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Sounds great!

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Lots of rain, lots of traffic, but heading to the gates at MK now!


It’s still a little drizzly and a little windy, so hopefully the full show happens. If not, I’ve got 3 attempts this trip if needed.

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Bout 15 min wait at GS. They started letting Boo Bash folks in a couple minutes before 7. The left side was for day guests and the right was for Boo Bash and they did make people leave one to go to the other, so worth checking. Line to get in the gate was long, but moved pretty quickly.

I grabbed a Mickey bar and now I’m waiting by the partners statue for HEA. Got an hour til the show, but since it’s the reason I’m here tonight I don’t mind just staking my spot.



That’s a great spot!!


It was perfect. Right by the fence too, so no worries about kids or iPads being lifted up in front.


Resort monorail is the way to go. Muuuuuch shorter line than the express.




No! Can’t heart this! After a long day, I like not having to stand in line for an hour to return to my resort :pensive:

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I was going to the GF where I parked, so totally get it. Only had to wait one train, not sure what the line looked like behind me, but hopefully not too bad for the other people trying to actually get to the resorts. There was basically no one waiting for the resort boats though, and the walking path to the GF was open.

Honestly it just felt like the end of the night rush at MK, not the nightmare exit of day guests during Boo Bash that I’d heard about.

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Gearing up for the day. Drive to Tampa last night was not bad at all, but glad we are staying by Disney tonight to save the trip.

Today’s plan is to start at Epcot and then hop over to MK eventually. I’m with a friend, and we’ve got a list of F&W booths to try, plus all our favorite WS drinks. He’s been to the festival already, but this is my first time to this year’s. Ready to eat!


Can’t wait to hear about all the yummy food. Hope y’all have a great day!


Arrived at Epcot right at 10. Holding folks at the gates at the moment.


Opened the gates at 10:18.

Decided we’d head over to TT first assuming it open.