First Quarterly Earnings call today since the Chapek crash and burn

These things usually go by with little notice, but I’m sure it will be widely covered since this will be Iger’s first since returning. I would expect a fair amount of comparison between the Bobs.

It will be interesting to see how much is revealed, if any re-organization info is shared, or if Disney tries to keep it low-key.

You can listen live at 4:30 PM EST


Thanks for posting this. I was able to listen to some of it and look forward to reading about the pieces I missed.

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I was listening when colleagues walked into my office to talk budget.

Did I hear bad news about APs?

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Did anyone listen to the question and answer section?

Cut jobs but get those shareholders their dividends


Toy Story sequel? Wow. I didn’t even like Toy Story 4. Maybe it will be more like a prequel (not necessarily to Toy Story 1).

A Zootopia sequel seems like a given, if they plan to replace Dinoland with a Zootopia concept.


I just listened to the call again (link is in first post). At about 50 minutes in Iger references the shift from APs to one time visitors. Once again: it makes more money and controls attendance.


“One time visitors” - Ha! They spend a lot of money but never come back because of their frustrations over Genie+, long lines, higher prices, etc. etc. This they could manage. :grin:

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I found this news unexciting. 3 sequels no one was asking for. I’ll let the Zootopia one slide since it seems there’s a planned parks tie-in. Toy Story has 3 movies in the franchise as far as I’m concerned. And Frozen…I’m skeptical depending on the plan. They did a great job with taking 2 in a completely different direction, but what more story is there to tell? I love Frozen, it’s the one my daughters grew up in, so I’m pretty protective of it. I don’t want them to over-sequel it like they’ve done with Toy Story.


I agree with your thoughts.


That was a very interesting section to listen to. I think he is 100% right when he says during that answer that Disney can’t increase profits by simply letting more people in or “agressively leaning into price”.

His comment that “acessability is key to the brand” is so spot on.

So how does Disney increase profits without over crowding the parks and crazy price increases? I support the “building more capacity” (but I am ready to see a plan). But I also see why attendance mix is on the table. Hopefully they will 1)continue figuring out how to increase flexibility and opportunity for AP holders and 2)allow DVC to buy AP - because, come on and 3)treat AP holders with respect while working on the “mix”


Eh Don’t need or really want a Toy Story sequel. I feel we’ve done everything we need to in this universe.

Zootopia, on the other hand, I feel has a ton of more stories to tell. I’d really like to see that become an umbrella IP where a bunch of stuff happens in that universe (kinda like Star Wars or Marvel). We don’t have to focus on Judy or Nick.

Frozen 3… eh I’m luke warm to the idea. But I didn’t really like the ending of Frozen 2, so I’m ok if they want to continue it. Having Elsa just up and abdicating the throne and then “wandering the countryside” seemed odd to me given they made it sound like being the “bridge” was some big demand on her time and what not.

That said, I’ll take ANY of these over another Lightyear or Strange World. Science-based movies where the writers almost completely ignore science. And then the character design (aside from Buzz) is just so goofy looking (heh, though probably very few people beyond me care about that).

You know what movie DOES need a squel? Raya.


My first thought is to reintroduce something interesting outside the parks and make them not cost prohibitive so people will want to and can do them.

They have a ton of hotels that essentially offer nothing but a pool, a movie night and a campfire. And while that’s all free (yay), it’s only late in the day(boo). So people would have already be going to the parks and creating that mass crowding.

WDW used to have a ton of side activities. It might not yield that top-tier spending that being trapped in a park might create, but it won’t be insignificant either and it will improve guest experience for everyone.

Also, GET RID OF THE STUPID 2PM RULE!!! I could be spending a lot more in food if I could get to the places I wanted to eat. And it also helps a bit with the crowding issue as it makes everything spread out.


You’d be surprised, actually.

In my experience, those who’ve never been before have no other experience (Disney experience) to compare it to. So these things are less painful to them than to us superfans who go over and over and know that better times existed. These families often come away saying they had a great time and are glad they went, even if they have no plans to return.


Just stop with the Toy Story movies, right?? They’re ruining it.

Tell a NEW story with NEW characters.


Or even a sequel for some that should have sequels but don’t (I’m talking about you a Bug’s Life). I’d love another Brave.



I really don’t like sequels 99% of the time