First Quarterly Earnings call today since the Chapek crash and burn

Not in favor of another Toy Story sequel. The shorts I like, but not another full length movie.

Zootopia I could see.

I didn’t even watch Frozen 2. A third is not necessary.


Never watched Strange World or Raya. No interest from my family.

We did see Lightyear and actually liked that one. I viewed it as if I were Andy watching it. Kind of fun that way.



There’s a Toy Story 5 because Toy Story 4 is somehow the 6th highest grossing animated film ever and shareholders need to be thrown more revenue-making chum. That’s it.

I can’t not see it, but I’m having a hard time thinking of a new angle, whether sequel, prequel, happening concurrently with events of previous films, told from a different perspective, etc. that actually interests me. TS1 through TS3 were (are) amazing and complete.


That’s why they’re the only ones that exist in my world. Over time I’ve managed to forget most of 4.


How about a “small park” aimed at little ones. Bluey, Doc Mcstuffins, Toontown.


Oh, and yes please - some original content. I loved Raya, it is suffering from a lack of music.

Where else can they take Frozen that taps into common human experiences and emotions?


That works, but that requires an investment in building structures and stuff. Which, right now, seems to be something Disney wants to avoid and/or it takes forever to get done (How long has the Toy Story Restaurant been the works?) Sure, pandemic slowed everything… but still.

The stuff I’m thinking can be implemented within weeks, if not months, and the infrastructure is already there. Simple stuff like painting classes, cooking classes, walking and boat tours, parasailing, etc…

Then you can keep going with stuff like hotel-specific shows, meet and greets, and other things along those lines.

Another thing they could do is simply keep the parks open longer to spread people out. That’ll require staff, but then everything will. AK could simply have normal hours, and things open past 4PM.


Except, apparently, Disney’s nearest competition…Universal.


You’d be surprised, actually.
In my experience, those who’ve never been before have no other experience (Disney experience) to compare it to. So these things are less painful to them than to us superfans who go over and over and know that better times existed. These families often come away saying they had a great time and are glad they went, even if they have no plans to return.

I have to agree with this. A non-Disney podcaster that I listen to went to WDW for the first time as a parent with kids and he praised WDW like crazy. He especially loved the ability to pay extra for quick access. For him the time saved was more valuable than the extra for Genie+

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God help us these people …


but it’s true!

I think the rest of the world expects the experience of pay more get more.

We - those of us here and those like us - are stuck in the past.


Interesting, so apparently they will cut $2.5 billion from “non-content” operations which the theme parks are also a part of.

Out of that category, they plan on cutting:

Hard to say what this actually means, particularly the “less spending”. Could mean less investments to parks :smirk:

What was also interesting in some of the articles was when they brought up the profitability of Disney+. I haven’t read much on the topic though it has been been brought plenty, but personally, from a business perspective, I have a hard time understanding how it could become profitable while simultaneously producing high quality content exclusively for that platform… $7.99-12.99 or whatever it currently is just doesn’t cut it. You can barely get a sundae for that in a theme park, it’s not enough for a nearly endless amount of content for a month.

I see them increasing prices and possibly creating some sort of tiers. I wonder if some day we’ll be paying seperately for new content, archives, different franchises, categories… Of course, competition becomes tricky here but still, they simply need more from each customer to keep it working.


Toy Story That Time Forgot & Toy Story of Terror are pretty amazing…


Ooooh yes. This. When I went at Christmas 2021 they were expecting it to be packed so they had long hours and lots of staff. And then there was a COVID wave so the crowds weren’t so big. But showed up at the parks late afternoon. Definitely spread the crowds out.

But for AK to stay open later, there just has to be more. I’m going back to my non-Euro centric food and wine booths with music for the evenings (with twinkle lights) idea. Give people a reason to hop to there, not just from there.

I also forgot Len always brings up tide maintenance and down time as a capacity issue.


Good idea. They need another show too. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I did enjoy Rivers of Light once up on a time. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was worth seeing.



I agree with most of your other points to an extent, but my philosophy on sequels is this:

  • If they can come up with a story worth telling, I am completely open to any sequel in any franchise. I’m not the kind of person who has strong opinions about whether it’s ok to pursue a certain project. It all depends on execution.
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I just remeber walking into Asia with the Christmas lanterns all lit and thinking is someone gave me a table, a glass of wine and some music I could sit here all night.

I liked Rivers of Light too. That stadium was always pretty full.


It wasn’t very spectacular for obvious reasons, but it was pleasant enough. I liked Kite Tails, too. Unfortunately, AK needs more rides before it can sustain shows, because people don’t stick around long enough to experience the shows once they check off all the rides by mid-afternoon.


Maybe more animal interactions/experiences of some sort too.


How about absolutely anything else in place of the country bear jamboree?!!

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