First Mobile Order denied :( be warned DON'T hit 'prepare my food'

That really does stink.

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RESOVED! Disney Rocks!!! Got my money back. Would have preferred dinner :woman_shrugging:
I ended up speaking w/ 2 different CMs at billing and both said, “We will be contacting security leadership at the Poly because you had a food order and should have been let in. You were not just someone wanting to go in to just ‘look around’ but an actual guest as per the mobile order.” One did say the strict reading does suggest ADR but a guest is a guest and you had food to pick up. He also said that my order made him hungry, “Now I want some Thai Coconut Meatballs” but a 90 min drive wasn’t going to happen for him :rofl::joy::rofl:

BTW: I like the waiting music better at billing


Hooray! And that’s good to know they will be speaking with security.


Yay! That’s such good news - not just the refund but that they also will be talking to security leadership to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Yes, we are going back on Friday and I’m going to try again :crossed_fingers:


Maybe you should put my attorneys on your speed dial just in case :wink:


It didn’t hurt that they could see my order history too to see that this isn’t my first time doing this :wink:

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Glad this was resolved for you! I wish the logic in these statements was consistently applied at Contempo Cafe too.


Yes consistency would be nice. Plus they lost some revenue… not much but it does compound.

Glad they’ve resolved it suitably :+1:t2:

Thai coconut meatballs :yum::yum:


They are so good. I hope you will be enjoying them in a few days.


Me too!!!

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:thinking: Are you confusing me with someone with an imminent trip??


Oops. Apparently. I really thought I was replying to @ppehap. :woman_facepalming:


I knew it , but we want to support @ScaffyWitch’s wish for Thai Coconut Meatballs :yum:


:rofl::rofl: Aw, I was hoping there was a suprise trip planned for me.


It’s not the ploy’s TCMs


I support it too.

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UPDATE: created a MO for GF Island Grill (breakfast), again while in parking ramp at VA. Did NOT push prepare my food this time; learned my lesson. The gate guard was welcoming, cheerful, funny, asked to see MO on MDE and a photo ID, showed my FL-DL and he let us right in w/o hesitation. Ok, after a few jokes first.


For our trip in June, I was hoping I could get something in writing in case we ran into any difficulties. Unfortunately, I was not successful and the reply I got was not consistent with what @ppehap was told by the CMs at billing.

I’ll just take my chances with the mobile orders and see if they let us in, I guess. And monitor other people’s attempts between now and then.

Here was the email that I sent:

Hi! For our upcoming WDW visit in June, we will not be staying at a Disney resort, but we are interested in eating at some of them, both table service and quick service.

Is this allowed? We’ve seen some mixed information on this online.

If we have proof of dining (either an ADR for table service or a mobile order), will we be allowed to visit the resort property?

Are we allowed to park on resort property for the time it takes us to eat or pickup our mobile order? Can we have a ride share drop us off?

Thanks in advance for whatever clarification you can provide on what is permitted.

Here is the reply I received:

Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World® Resort!

We are excited to learn you are planning on visiting us real soon! All guests are able to make dining reservations located inside each of our operating Resorts. For Quick-Service locations that include mobile food ordering, at this time this option is only available for guests who have reservations at our Resorts. If you decide to book a Dining Reservation inside our Resorts, you will be able to park at the location complimentary for your reservation.

If you have any other questions or challenges, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling us at 407-W-DISNEY (407-934-7639) or by chatting with us in the Help Center of the Walt Disney World® website (only available on the US site). Cast Members will be happy to assist you further.


eCommerce Sales and Service Team

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