First Look! Step Inside a Reimagined Room from Disney’s Polynesian Village

I think the camera is playing tricks. If you look at the two pictures of the main area, one stretches it WAY out compared to the other. Notice the size of the same dresser and TV in the two photos, for example!

The bathroom photo appears to be using the same stretched out look.

The bathrooms are enormous over there. Really and truly.

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That’s what I was wondering about. We loved the separate toilet feature in CR. I am going to say I love the Moana theme because it’s a great way to capture some Disney in this resort yet keep it to its original theming.

It looks like in the video that at least the toliet has a door seperating the sink/shower area now which is a little better

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I suspect that you’re right. Adding/moving walls and pipes would significantly add to the refurb time, making it hard to complete by the anniversary. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was considered, but nixed because of that.


Or even just from a cost perspective.


Also important with all the profit loss this past year.


I didn’t catch the video the first time. Thanks!


SOOOOOOOOOO excited to stay here for my 50th!!! (And very happy that I changed back from Riviera BEFORE they got released and rooms fill up!!)


Showed it to DW.
“Book it”

Damn sometimes we really need an adult in the room.


They are taking reservations as of July 19. I’m booked in on Day 1!!!


Woahhhh going back to the poly???

Good choice! These rooms look amazing!!

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Yep. Initially I was booked there for my 50th , but a cross of seeing the Riviera and being a bit skittish that they would be done in time, but there were some pics of furnishings (the end tables, etc.) going in and I got MAJOR FOMO.

Definitely glad I changed now because they are GORGEOUS!!!


Great move!

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I love it! I’m so excited to take my Moana loving DD here in May 2022!

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So exciting! Great way to spend your birthday!

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Oh I love this, but I also love Moana, so no surprise.

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Am I turning my wife into a liner? She texted me with a link to this before I even saw it here. And she says we HAVE to stay there. I don’t think I’ll ever return to a non-Disney life (not that I wanted to).


The rooms look gorgeous!! It looks like you have to walk through the room with the shower/sink to get to the toilet? Am I seeing that correctly? What’s the point of that? There’s still no privacy for the person in the shower if someone needs the toilet. It’s an interesting choice for sure. I’ll add that I have no frame of reference what the rooms used to look like before the update, so this might not actually be any different. Either way, can’t wait to see these rooms in person!

That is how the rooms already were. I don’t think it was an option to move the toilet and other plumbing around.

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