First day arrival and Animal Kingdom

So our flight lands at 9:30am, then we take the DME to POR to check in and then I plan on taking the boat to DS for a quick lunch at Jock Lindsey’s and then on to AK. How does this look for a first day plan?

I should also add that this is just a first run, we have a full day at AK later in the week.

It feels a little rushed to get in lunch and get there by 2:30ish. I might plan more for 3:30 arrival.

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That what I was worried about. We are not planning on taking a bus tho, but a Lyft instead. Do you still think this is a bit aggressive on timing?

That might help. I’m more worried about what you may encounter at Jock Linday’s. For my part, I’d always rather plan “too much” time than not enough. If you arrive too early to start your plan, maybe do a little shopping, explore the tree of life, or enjoy a beverage at Nomad or Dawa!

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My biggest fear is missing Baloo and Louie. This will allegedly be their final day in the park, and I’m hell-bent on getting my photo with them. They come back out from break at 3:00pm, so I’m shooting for getting in line before they return.

Ah. Well, go go go! And cross my fingers for ya!

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The first thing that leaps off the page at me is that you are using a full day’s admission for a little over 2 hours of park time (unless you have an AP). Personally, I would not take the time to go all the way to DS in between arrival and AK; I would go into AK and have a light meal and drinks at one of the bars there. Jock Lindsey’s is a cool place to stop in for a drink and maybe an app when at DS, but I would never go to DS to just do that.


That actually does sound like a safer bet. Then we won’t feel as rushed at DS. Was planning on a 45 minute stop at Nomad our second AK day, so maybe we will check out one of these other places you all are suggesting and save Springs for later in the week!


I’m also worried about a wait at Jock’s, so I think we will skip it and arrive at AK a few hours sooner, maybe closer to 12:30/1:00pm. Planning on Flame Tree for lunch and Tusker House for dinner on the second visit, and Nomad for drinks. Any recommendations for lunch that first day inside AK?

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Satu’li Canteen. It’s great for a QS meal.


Do you think that would be better than dinner? I currently had it planned for dinner after our Navi River Journey

It definitely could be dinner. The portions are generous. You mentioned Nomad’s for drinks, but what about doing that as a lunch? They have a lounge menu and typically let you order any of the appetizers from Tiffins. You picked great options already. I think Flame Tree and Satu’li are the best counter service restaurants there. Other decent choices would be Yak and Yeti local cafes or Harambe Market.


Another quick question for all those who responded here: Our flight lands at the Orlando Airport at 9:31am, and we do not have checked luggage, just carry-on bags, and of course Magic Express Transportation. Considering exiting the plane and airport, transportation and check-in time, what time would you say we could get to Animal Kingdom by Lyft? (to shorten travel time instead of taking the bus)

I don’t think you’ll shave as much time off your transit as you think. Maybe by 10:30 rather than 11:30.

you think even with check-in, we would get to AK by 10:30am? I feel like an hour is not a lot of time. There is a lunch reservation at 11:30am in AK, do you think we would make it?

Oh wait - you said AK. I read AKL

11:30 to AK (using DME, 12:30)

Reservation would be tight, stressful.

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What are you feelings on taking a Lyft directly from the airport as soon as we get off our flight to Port Orleans Riverside, then another Lyft directly to AK after check-in, and have them put our bags in our room for us?

Might save a few minutes but would be costly

It’s not how I prefer to vacation. I prefer to ease into it, relax, not rush. But if you are doing carryons I am assuming this is a short stay so I can, in that case, kind of understand the push and the hurry. But I still don’t like how it feels.

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Well, so far everything you’ve commented on and suggested to me in the forum has been top-notch , so I’m taking your advice and going to stick with MDE, take it slow and enjoy a quick service lunch and Satu’li Canteen for dinner and keep things as mellow as possible! :slight_smile: Maybe hit up Jock Lindsey’s that evening for a nightcap! You’ve already helped this vacation so much OBNurseNH! Love ya! (603 pride) :heart::sunglasses::+1:

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