Fingerprint scans return...question for the nail biters lol

So…my name is chloe173 and I’ve been a fingernail/cuticle biter for like 20 years. (In unison: “Hi, chloe”)

My question is, what happens if your fingerprint doesn’t match whatever they have on file? Do I get sent to the horrible land of secondary screening and miss RD? I’ve definitely picked at my nails/cuticles to the point that my finger scanner on my Mac doesn’t register me before. Do I need to wear gloves the entire week leading up to my Disney trip so as not to pick??

I’m sure they can reset it if it has fundamentally changed since your last visit.

Ugh! I hate the finger scan thingy. So germy. I was hoping it would never return. To answer your question, if they can’t read your print they will still let you in, but you have to watch Carousel of Progress 15 times in a row. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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I believe you can decline finger print scan and do some alternative. I fully intend on never touching that finger thing again! gross!!!

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Well at least they don’t punish you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Yes. There is an alternative


OMG :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ugh, I hate this. My youngest had issues last trip. At one point they took his picture, but they never used it and still made him do the scan. We finally got a CM to tell us the trick. Your finger has to touch the back of the scanner. Kids tend to just put their finger tip on the edge since their fingers are smaller. Worked every time after that.

So I was told by a CM that the scanners don’t actually scan your fingerprint, they just measure the width of your finger…mine never works because when I retain water it apparently 100% goes to my hands. I always just have my picture taken. Most CMs make me try the scanner anyway*, which is annoying…it never works.
*this was pre-covid

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I don’t think this can possibly be true (no offense to you - I just don’t believe this CM). My understanding, and I could be wrong, is that fingerprint scanners find certain key points on your fingerprint, not the entire print.

But no one’s finger size is constant enough for that to work. Also, it would be completely different depending on how hard you pressed down your finger.


I’ll just have the hand sanitizer ready :joy:

…I wonder how many did not see that it was returning and tried to get in with someone else’s ticket :thinking:

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I’ll stick to my pic ID.

Are they wiping it between people like universal was doing back in March 2020?

I didn’t really believe them either - it felt like it was over-simplifying either for my benefit or theirs. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t understand the germy thing. Do you walk around and never touch anything? Handrails? Doors? I expect you are touching just as germy things all the time. Touching a fingerprint scanner is probably completely innocuous by comparison.


I’m very aware of everything i touch in public, all the time, even before covid. We’ve been carrying small hand sanitizers for years.

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I’m actually not a germaphobe at all and I don’t really care if I touch something. I rarely use hand sanitizer. I got one in my car due to Covid but stopped using it about a year ago and it’s still just sitting there, taking up one of my two cup holders. I keep thinking I should get rid of it.


I’ve heard it’s not fingerprint at all because the plate your finger rests on is too filthy to reliably pick up fingerprint markers.

What the scanner ‘sees’ is the bone in your finger.

Whichever is being scanned, it’s incredible to me that the saved comparison of whatever is actually being noted is acquired from a Disney database, compared, and permitted - or not - as quickly as we are meant to believe.

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