Fib to the kids?

So, hypothetically if one had a business conference at a Disney adjacent resort and one just happened to have an AP from a June WDW trip that could conveniently be used in the evenings should one tell one’s children (ages 5 & 8) where one is going for this conference or make up some other location in the South? DH favors the latter.

Bring them with! :smiley:
Or don’t tell them.

At that age? “I have to go away to a conference for work next week. But don’t worry, Granma will be coming to stay and you’ll have lots of fun”. Are they likely to ask where? But yes, agree somewhere with DH.

OR tell them and say “My conference is in Orlando. I don’t know if I will have time to go, but if I do then I’ll get you something”.

I guess it depends on if there’s a child- reasonable reason for why they can’t go too. Like DH is working. If it’s a case of the two of you going for a couple of days getaway, then I would probably fib. If it’s just you and DH is actually staying home and working per normal, then tell the truth.


My parents live 1 hour from WDW. My wife and I brought our kids down from PA to stay with my parents while she and I stayed 4 days at WDW. We told them where we were going. They got over it. But it was probably easier for them to digest because we had all just been there 5 months prior.

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Actually DH will be home with them. He’s a teacher and school will be in session then. I do like if I get to go I’ll bring you something. I’m a sucker for the Disney merch anyway.

Unfortunately bringing them with is not in the budget or the schedule. My oldest will be back in school and my DH is a teacher. We just had a long trip there in June too.

Well then, I would just be honest. They can’t come, they will be at school and Dad is working. I’d still do the “if I get time to go then I will, but I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have”.

But it’s a good age to start learning about disappointment. As you’re AP holders I’m guessing you’ll be taking them back in a year or so? I mean, if you weren’t going back for 3 years then that’d be different!

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A lesson DD20 has yet to learn…

Actually I’m the only AP holder. It made sense to get one for our trip to use Photo Pass and get the discounts.

DS4 was mighty disappointed when I had a business trip to NYC last week. I haven’t traveled much since he came into the picture and it’s starting to pick up again.

I concur. You shouldn’t lie, And there is a difference between lying and not telling them where you’re going. If you just say “i have to go out of town on a conference” and they don’t ask where, you didn’t lie and they don’t know you’re going near WDW. If they ask where, you can say “Orlando.” If they stop there, you’re good. If they know about and press you on being near Disney, then you can tell them that you will be near there. if they press, you can say you might go at night. And if they ask why they can’t come, tell them why. You told us why above. You can tell them the same thing. I think there is too much skirting around things with kids nowadays. They do need to learn to deal with disappointment. The whole “participation trophy” thing is an example of the problem!


So basically you wanted to know if you needed to lie to the kids about the fact that you are going to WDW without them?

By the basis of the questions - you either are unable or unwilling (or unwanting) of taking the kids with you. ALL of which are perfectly reasonable - NO JUDGING

I probably wouldn’t say exactly where I was going but if it became obvious or just just wanted to rub their face in it - go ahead and say something.

But in all seriousness. I had a business trip there once when my kids were little. And basically explained that this is something I am doing, I am an adult and it simply is. If I was able to take you - I would but this time I am not. I think MOST kids can understand the situation etc. Sometimes our kids complained that we would go out. We explained 'You get your play dates - Mommy and Daddy need theirs as well" They got it.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to tell them - but I also wouldn’t lie


When DS was 7 I had a conference that rented out one night Universal and then I built in 2 days around it with my coworkers - one for SeaWorld and one for Disney. I told DS exactly what I was doing and made sure I brought home some really great gifts. It helped that we had a trip booked for a few months later. But he was absolutely fine with it. He understands that sometimes Mommy has to go away for work and on occasion, she gets to do some really cool things…but I always bring him home something pretty special!


Thanks @Tigger613.

Thanks @adamwsh.

Good point - I do try to bring something cool home. They not only enjoy it - but I enjoy going out and finding something fun to get.

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I do too! It gives me a little fun project in the midst of work.

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Last time I hoofed it from the Embarcadero - over to Fisherman’s Warf and then back to Union Square in SFO to get them Giardelli chocolate from the “mother store”. I am an exercise fiend - but walking up and down those hills in dress shoes - killed me (justified having a few squares of chocolate as well - HA

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I did the same thing in NYC last week. Walked about 5 miles to get to dinner and then find a souvenir for the kids, but I put on the gym shoes first. I feel like I accomplished something that way.

I agree with letting kids feel a little disappointment. I like the idea of saying if you get a chance to go, you will bring them something. You can even help them to be excited FOR you if you get to go. It’s a great skill to learn. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’d just say I was going to Orlando for work. I wouldn’t mention Disney unless they asked.

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