Feedback on Cover Text for 2021 Unofficial Guide


Below is the proposed cover we have for the 2021 Unofficial Guide. We’re trying to figure out what text to change (if any) for the front and back. Specifically, we’re wondering how to say that the book’s information is up-to-date with all of the park’s new safety precautions for the pandemic, without making it sound like we’re preparing you for the zombie apocalypse.

Also, in general, we want to list on the covers what we think the big selling points are for the book.

The book’s content for latest WDW processes is up to date as of this morning.

My questions to y’all are:

  • What should the three bullet points on the front say?
  • What should the six bullet points on the back say?

Thanks for the help with this.


Personally, I like Seth’s line: “The latest information on how COVID-19 has impacted [Walt Disney World’s] theme parks and resorts”

I say make that the top bullet line on the front as it speaks to the currency of the info and assuages a major concern of anyone going to the park. I think you can remove the ride ratings bullet.or move it the back, replacing reference to FP+


That’s good wording!!

How about instead of your Galaxy’s Edge red and yellow star on the front cover you could put something like the text above instead?
Since you already have a bullet point about Galaxy’s Edge on the in the back, the star seems a bit superfluous so could be replaced with a covid statement instead.



  • Keep money saving tips bullet point as is (people love that stuff)

  • Keep ride ratings bullet point as is

  • Up to date information to reflect changes implemented as a result of covid19 pandemic

I would nix the thing about step by step advice because, as much as I love a good touring plan and it’s what brought me here in the first place 11 years ago, I just don’t see it as quite as relevant or as working quite as flawlessly as it did in the past. I expect that will come back in the future as things return to (a new) normal, but it just isn’t super-relevant right now IMO.


  • Remove money-saving bullet point - you have that on the front and it’s redundant and taking up valuable real estate

  • Maybe modify the bullet point about touring plans saving so much time? Unless you’re sure they are still doing that quite so well. I’d leave the bullet point but edit it to curtail expectations

  • Take out the fastpass bullet point - currently not a thing. Wasting valuable real estate

  • Reiterate changes in protocol related to pandemic and maybe expand a bit more

  • Add a bullet point to discuss park reservations system and using that to your best advantage (assuming you’ve covered this in the book

So I’ve suggested removing 2 and them on the back cover and modifying one a bit).
Leave the rest as is.


That’s a good suggestion!

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First bullet in the back cover seems like a carryover from last year that you forgot to change. SWGE has been open for well over a year, so we are beyond the “preview” time period for sure. As soon as I read that it made it sound like the information inside was already going to be dated.


So this isn’t going to be the cover art?


Oh. Just realized there is the “sticker” on the front cover advertising SWGE as New as well…so same applies there to me.

Also, the cover art just struck me. We’ve had a year with no fireworks, and no expected date when fireworks will resume. Perhaps having a cover featuring fireworks over the castle isn’t a good idea? And…this leads me to think that perhaps you can avoid having text regarding COVID entirely if the cover art itself features people wearing masks (not in-your-face…no pun intended…pictures, but that whatever the main picture is, if you look at the people, it will show them wearing masks, which indicates you are being sensitive to the fact that masks are, in fact, a reality.

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I typed that in my reply then deleted because I didn’t want to sound like I wanted Disney to create new lands every other year, but I do agree.
Despite the fact that 2020 was a time suck and that GE still seems new to most people who haven’t even managed to get there yet, it isn’t really new if it opened more than a year ago!

Interesting. Remember when the cover photo was the Dumbo ride? That’s iconic. Perhaps a photo with masked riders.

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I’d leave all the Star Wars bullets. (It’s still a major selling point to most Star Wars fans… and there’s alot of them)

Also, with lots of new attractions on the horizon, maybe a bullet point on “What’s Coming”.


Just thinking, it’s the 50th anniversary of WDW and COVID-19 has made it such a non-event.

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Mentioning SWGE is fine. But calling it “New” and a “preview” is the problem for me.

I would keep the “new”. I think the audience that buys the books probably do not go every 1-3 years.

How about, instead, something like: “Latest on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!” (Or something similar.)

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These are all great!

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Well it was a Long, long time ago…


I like that!

Information about the impact of covid at WDW can’t be worded as current or up to date on print material.

Perhaps a wording about a link to online current info.

If I’m looking at this book in July, I’m going to have doubts as to how accurate any info on covid impact is six months out.

I second this, as it’s the most important change you need to know about.

I think this is a great thought. It will instantly make people realize that the book is up to date without even reading the year.

Also, if there is any information/details inside the book on upcoming attractions/restaurants, I could see making that a back cover bullet point. Yet to open attractions are always exciting to read about, even if it’s short. Maybe:

• A sneak peak at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure & Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot, & Round-up Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land opening in 2021!