Feedback needed on Quote Format for the Travel Agency

Hi everyone!

We have exciting news and, as always, we would like your feedback.

TouringPlans now operates as a travel agency in addition to our planning tools! Over the next few months we will be releasing really great tools to help planners and agents book travel easier to Disney World and beyond, but in the meantime we will be booking the old fashioned way.

Below is an email template that our agents will be using until the better version is available. If you can, look through it and answer these questions for us.

  • Does it contain all the information you would need to make a decision? If not, what else do you need?

  • Is the layout readable and is it easy to understand what is being presented?

Thank you so much, once again, for your help. And any Disney World, Disneyland, or Universal Orlando booking includes a FREE subscription to that property so if you are planning a trip or you have a booking you would like to transfer go right ahead and email


Thank you for contacting TouringPlans!

For your vacation from November 26, 2020 through December 1, 2020, you can visit Walt Disney World with:

  • 5 nights at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
  • 6-day park tickets
  • 5 days of the Quick Service Dining Plan

For as little as $4,659 for 2 Adults and 2 Kids (ages 3-9)
This price also comes with a subscription to help you plan your vacation.

The above price includes all taxes and fees. Below are all the details of this package as well as any other available options and how that would affect this price. There are currently no available discounts but that may change at any time. One of the advantages of booking with TouringPlans is that we are always on the lookout for discounts and will strive to give you the best value for your vacation. After reviewing your options below, please contact us to book or ask any questions.

Simply REPLY TO THIS EMAIL with your details as soon as possible to ensure the prices listed. Availability can change at any time.

Next to each option that follows you will see a + or - with a dollar ($) figure. That is the effect that choosing that option will have on the price above. All Room Types listed are currently available, but availability may change at any time.


Coronado Springs Resort

Room Type Change to Package Price
Standard View Included
Water View + $143
Preferred Room + $404
Tower Room - Standard View + $456

Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter

Room Type Change to Package Price
Standard View + $35
Garden View + $123
River View + $182
Pool View + $224

Contemporary Resort

Room Type Change to Package Price
Garden Wing - Garden View + $1,808
Main Tower - Lake View + $2,810
Main Tower - Theme Park View + $3,197
Standard Room - Atrium Club Level + $4,273


The above total price includes 6-day tickets where you can visit ONE PARK PER DAY. Below are other options and how they change the package price. A PARK HOPPER ticket means that you can visit more than one park every day. The WATER PARK & SPORTS ticket also includes visits to Disney World’s two water parks and various sports options (e.g. golf), while visiting ONE PARK PER DAY. The PARK HOPPER PLUS ticket includes the park hopper option and the water park & sports options. ALL PRICES ARE THE TOTAL FOR ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR PARTY, TAX INCLUDED.

Ticket Type Change to Package Price
5-day One Park Per Day Tickets - $78
5-day Water Park & Sports Tickets + $220
5-day Park Hopper Tickets + $284
5-day Park Hopper PLUS Tickets + $369

6-day One Park Per Day Tickets Included
6-day Water Park & Sports Tickets + $298
6-day Park Hopper Tickets + $362
6-day Park Hopper PLUS Tickets + $447


The above total price includes a QUICK SERVICE DINING PLAN which provides all guests with two Quick Service meals per night. Below are other options and how they change the package price. The STANDARD DINING PLAN provides one Quick Service and one Table Service meal per night. The DINING PLAN PLUS provides two meals per night, either Quick Service or Table Service. The DELUXE DINING PLAN provides three meals per night, either Quick Service or Table Service. All plans include two snacks per night and refillable mugs for all guests. ALL PRICES ARE THE TOTAL FOR ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR PARTY, TAX INCLUDED. The Dining Plan is an optional add-on.

Dining Plan Type Change to Package Price
No Dining Plan - $960
Quick Service Dining Plan Included
Standard Dining Plan + $368
Dining Plan Plus + $639
Deluxe Dining Plan + $1,067

Travel Insurance is available to purchase through Disney
The cost for the travel party would be +177
The protection plan can refund portions of your trip if it is cancelled for a covered reason. The cost of the protection plan is non-refundable.
If you feel you want a cancel for any reason policy or would like a policy that covers all parts of your travel, not just what was purchased thru Disney, we can offer a few other policies for your comparison. Cancel for any reason would need to be purchased within 10 days of placing deposit.
Please contact us with any questions or interest in the travel protection plan.


In order to hold your room or reserve your package, please CONTACT US as soon as possible. All items are subject to availability.

By booking with the TouringPlans Travel Company, you will receive our full attention and expertise. That includes assisting you in making dining reservations, FastPass+, and making sure you receive any and all discounts available. Of course it also includes access to our top-of-the-line touring tools and plans.

DEPOSITS: For any package, which includes a hotel plus tickets and any other add-on purchased together, a deposit of $200 is required to secure booking. Payment in full is required 30 days prior to the check-in date. If the reservation is made fewer than 31 days prior to the check-in date, payment in full is required at booking.

For a room-only reservation, including only the hotel room, a deposit equal to the first night cost is due at booking. Payment in full is required at check in.

CANCELLATIONS: For any package, which includes a hotel plus tickets and any other add-on purchased together, a full refund is available up to 30 days prior to the check-in date. Between 2 and 29 days prior to the check-in date, a refund is available minus a $200 fee. The package is non-refundable fewer than 2 days prior to the check-in date.

For a room-only reservation, including only the hotel room, a full refund is available up to 5 days prior to the check-in date. Fewer than 5 days prior to the check-in date, a full refund is available
minus the cost of the first night.

Annette Jackson
Director of Travel Sales

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Make sure you have correct data. Assuming they are checking in Nov 25 and out on Dec 1, that’s 6 nights, not 5. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. I have corrected that above.


I would rather have the ticket and Dining Plan information in a list / bullet point format, much like the actual prices.


Base price = you may visit just one park per day
Hopper = you may visit multiple parks in a day

QS Dining = 2 x QS meals per night
Standard = 1 x TS, 1 x QS meal per night
All dining plans include 2 snack credits per night and a refillable mug per stay.

The insurance information is confusing:
“ The protection plan can refund portions of your trip if it is cancelled for a covered reason”. My immediate question is “which parts”?
“The protection plan will cover those elements of your trip booked through Touring Plans”.

Again, the deposit information looks confusing to me.

The changes I’ve suggested reflect my personal preference for bullet points than wordy paragraphs. Especially for just a quote, not the actual booking details.


Thank you for your feedback. The team will be looking at all comments to help us create the format. All comments welcome.


I would love a “reminder: your base quote is $4,659” before you go into the specific hotel options.


Maybe I’m just a simple guy, but it’s a lot of info to digest in a long format. By the time I was a third of the way done my eyes just glazed over. :crazy_face::wink:

While I appreciate being thorough there is such a thing as too much information.

I have looked it over multiple times. The info is all there & easy to understand, but I still feel like I have to dig through this really long proclamation to find the bullet points I want to see.

(Sorry… I hope this doesn’t sound too negative. I really am trying to be constructive!! :grinning: My family has accused me of being too blunt many times! )


Unless I missed it I would clarify room adders is total stay and not a daily increase.
Missing $ on insurance adder.
I think it should include change with cancellation policies. Cancellation and Change Policies?
Add that insurance is not cancel-able to the non-refundable statement

Just my thoughts though


I agree.

My TA makes it very simple. Or maybe it is because I tell her upfront what I want to price? But it would be something like this:

Resort A
Room Type A - price with tickets for the number of nights I have said I want with hopper and without hopper
Room Type B -same as above

Resort B
Room Type A - same as above
Room Type B - same as above

Dining Plan Options - with a LINK to them rather than making the quote wordy
QS price
DDP price
DDP+ price
DxDP price

Memory Maker - with a LINK to explain it and the price

The deposit amount due and when the balance would be due and cancellation.

And then a Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to book something for you.

That’s it. Plain and simple. Even the first time I contacted the agency and got assigned to my TA it was like that. Simple and to the point.

Once I get to booking insurance is offered as that would depend on which option I chose of insurance and package.

I would have looked at another agency had I gotten something that looked like that. Sorry to be blunt, but it is TOO MUCH. Especially for someone who might be new to Disney traveling!


These are good comments. We want to have all the details someone needs to plan, but not overwhelm either.


Thank you for your input. Part of what we are working on is an interactive quoting tool, so it would take some of these items you are seeing and calculate to show you what other options you might could have for a small difference in price. It is kind of hard to see all of that with a static quote page, but all of this feedback is good for the team as we move forward with the page.

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Will you be monitoring reservation for all future applicable discounts? I know you are looking to condense but if that’s something you are doing maybe include a sentence at closing
ETA Sorry I see this statement after reading it again


My last quote from my travel agent included this statement, I don’t think I saw it above.

“Parking Fees will be assessed during the check in process.”


Looking at it again, will you include the package and room only information regarding cancellation in every email? I ask because these quotes seem to be for packages and the room only info seems like it is not needed?

I like as much info as I can get when deciding. This might reduce the number of times I would email you to ask “but what about this resort”. It would not change me from changing my mind 4 times before my trip.

Finally… Annette@touringplans, Director of Travel Sales! Congratulations?!

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Is it possible to use hyperlinks to additional details? It would keep the email itself shorter, while providing all the information. I agree with others that bullet points are more readable.

Also, I would remove ‘for as little as’ wording at the beginning. Depending on the resort even without add-ons the price is far from ‘little’.


No travel agent is going to say ‘for this humongous price…’ though are they :joy:

Maybe something like ‘the lowest price for your selected hotels is…’


Or just “from $”?


While I like a lot of information, I realize someone who is not familiar with Disney would be overwhelmed with the amount of information presented. I like @lizzieanne771 way of formatting it, as it makes it easier to figure out what the actual cost is. You should also offer to talk through the different options to help them “decide what is right for their vacation”

The interactive tool sounds great!


This x 1000.

In my opinion, it contains too much. Far too much.

Can you walk us through a typical initial customer interaction that you’re expecting? To me, this looks like someone did a cold call on a phone: “Hi, my family of unknown number is thinking about a Disney trip and we were thinking about Coronado Springs or PorFQ for 6 days. What are we looking at in terms of cost?”

and then… BOOM you drop this on them. Newbies, in my experience, immediately start thinking “maybe Disney isn’t for us.” They want to go on a vacation, not to an accounting summit. :slight_smile:

When they’re filling out a quote request, they do this online, yes? Don’t they make choices to where they want to stay? Actual number of people, how many days, which hotels, etc? Can’t the quote page dynamically create the prices for them so YOU don’t have to be bothered at this stage with the looky-loos?

This way, you can get right to the finalizing details and doing confirmations and letting them know when they can start making reservations(and presumably fast passes if/when they return)?

Also, this part:

Room Type Change to Package Price
Standard View Included
Water View + $143
Preferred Room + $404
Tower Room - Standard View + $456

is, frankly, REALLY annoying. I hate when agencies do this. You’re my travel agent, so why do I need to be the one to break out the maths and do all the calculations of what it will cost? Just gimme the final price. If I want to know the breakdown, i’ll make the effort to ask, but at this stage, I’m looking to see how badly my bank account is gonna hurt at the end of this. Maybe that’s the goal though, I dunno, you don’t want people realizing they can be nickle-and-dimed by disney and scare them off?

For me, it’d be:
Based on your room type you choose, here will be your totals:
Standard View: $4,659
Water View: $4,802
Preferred Room: $5,063
Tower Room - Standard View: $5,115
To see a breakdown, please visit

Eh…I’ll say it is. But that’s like asking if a mixed up rubik’s cube is easy to understand that its a cube? Sure, but it doesn’t make it any less daunting to work through.

Overall, I think a lot of this should be more “this is what you chose on the quote form” Including the extra details on their options (here’s where the price breakdown of their specific choices would be good), ADR/FPP schedules, and any and all disclaimers, and someone will be contacting them shortly for final details and less “here’s more options!”

And I agree with @eug2506 “For as little as” makes it sound like you’re trying to get them in the door to sell them a car or something. They’re already “in the door,” now it’s just a matter of hitting the magic number.


Thank you for your reply and your congratulations. I am truly honored to be working with the team at TouringPlans who I have respected for YEARS!
This would be the first quote so it would have the cancellation information, but other responses would not always have that on there.Of course if you booked the trip with us, we would make sure you had the cancellation policy then.
I will take your feedback back to the team.
Thank you!