Faxed room requests

I sent a room request fax to the Beach Club this afternoon (not through TP). I called this evening to verify if they received it and was told they no longer honor faxed requests. Gave her the info over the phone, but she wouldn’t let me give her room number examples for what section I preferred. We’ll see what I end up with.

Give the TP one a try, if it’s not too late. They do it by e-mail now, even though it’s still called a ‘fax request’.

I also asked if I could email it and she said no, I’d have to give it to her over the phone. Possibly because we arrive on February 1st.

Hey, it’s a real life friend!

I found the info I mentioned to you that it sounds like TP has a special arrangement with Disney and a dedicated email address. In reading through the chain, they recommend requesting sooner, but can send in the request up until the day before.

Posting here for the benefits of others.

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Hi! Quick question. I followed the prompts last week to have touring plans submit my preferred room request (since our trip was 30 days out). And I received confirmation that the request was sent. :+1: Then, the next day I received notification from our hotel (pop century) that the pool we were aiming to stay next to will be closed for refurbishment during our stay. Argh!

So here is my question - can I amend my room request after it has already been sent? I didn’t see anywhere on the website that offered this option. Thanks for any info on this!

I don’t think so. You could set up a new trip and send a totally new request, but you do risk confusion even if you write to ignore your other one.