Favorite WDW Tips

Please share your favorite WDW tip :slight_smile:


Bring trash bags , a power strip, nightlight , and an extension cord.

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However long you are staying plan at least one day to “roll with it”. Might just be a pool day, might be bus roulette. But the best part of WDW is the quiet story it tells and the environment / place it provides to you to just “be”. Give yourself one day to just roll with it. And then eat the chocolate covered strawberries from Main Street Confectionary on Main Street. Yummy!!! :slight_smile:


Garden Grocer can deliver straight to your resort great for those who want to eat some meals atthe resort (or want to do like us and save on beer!) https://www.gardengrocer.com/


Looking to kick up your photography game while at WDW. Kingdom Camera rentals lets you rent a fancy camera for your trip! http://www.kingdomcamerarentals.com/index/default.php


Best tip? There are no calories in anything at Walt Disney World! Proven fact!


Frogg Toggs are great to keep you cool while in the parks (or at home while mowing the lawn) I found one that was basically a neck scarf, just the right size to wrap around my neck or to put in my pocket when it got dry.

Taking a break or having a TS lunch is a great idea to get out of the heat. It prevent melt down and give yourself time to relax before going back to the park. The A/C is always a good idea in the hot summer.


This is a vacation. Don’t stress over every single detail. Roll with it.


@rm1sw That’s an important tip. I think too often people in WDW forget that they are there on vacation.

Remember… You cant do it all! Pace yourself!!!


Bring an over-the-door shoe organizer to your resort to organize/stash all those little things that normally get misplaced in tight quarters: magic bands, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, first aid kit, wet wipes, etc. It makes it so much easier to get out the door when everyone knows where to look for stuff! :blush:


Do RD. That is our #1. We get more done in the first two hours than we do in the next 5 hours. #2 is take breaks. Regardless of what the TP says, if the kids get tired we head back to the resort. The reason we go to WDW is to spend time with them. There’s always another trip to get to the attractions we miss.


I agree @AllisonFamily taking breaks is so important for us. If we decided to skip it we always end up regretting it by super time. Grumpiness and exhaustion takes over.

Don’t write off trying to walk up for a table (even) when you can’t get the ADR you want. I think this is especially true for small parties! :fork_and_knife:


Do all your planning (ADRs, TPs) ahead of time so when you’re there you can just enjoy! Remember to have flexible plans though and be willing to make changes if things don’t work out… It is a vacay after all! :sunny:


Bring a collapsible laundry basket. It is nice to keep that clutter out of the way. Leave a note for liners in the bible at page 71.

Take breaks. Everyday. Not optional even if you don’t have children with you.

Body Glide has saved our trip a couple of times! So much easier for the guys to have fun when they’re not doing the “cowboy walk”.

@pirategirl007 it’s very important for adult only to take break! We are pushimg ourself so hard to do everything that we need a break to be able to last the whole day. The only time we don’t go back to our hotel room is when we hqve a long TS ADR plane and we know that we’re gonna take our time!