Favorite WDW Sounds

What are your favorite sounds in WDW. Mine is background music. I love the music they play in stores, rides, queues, etc.
Walking by the Carousel and hearing “Chim Chim Cheree” from Mary Poppins. Or, walking through Frontierland and hearing the sound of a banjo.
All the feels. :heart:
Whenever I watch Vlogger videos I listen to what’s playing in the background. :blush:


The Tomorrowland background music. I’m not sure why… I could sit there and listen to it all day.


The silence, when I get back to the resort :grin:


Totally agree; I love the sounds of the parks. I’m so glad there are so many Youtube channels for the music loops from various lands.

I hope you’re familiar with the YouTube channel 4K WDW – they never talk during their videos. It’s my favorite channel by far!!! https://www.youtube.com/c/4KWDW

One sound I’m going to miss when I’m there in September: The WDW Railroad’s train whistle. Oh, how I wish the train were in operation!


The FoF soundtrack from TSI :notes::musical_note::notes:

When you start walking into Pandora and the forest sounds come alive.


A couple of more nostalgic ones…

‘Casey Jr’s coming round the track’ :notes: While anticipating the train arriving at MK RD.

The electronic soundtrack to MSEP!!


100% the background music is my favorite sound. although some overhead conversations are fun too. :laughing:
I listen to subsonic radio all day, every day, just to get my disney fix.
My favorite music is in epcot, over by test track.


The ding of the tapstile and the “Welcome Home!” it announces


I’ve never heard that in person, just in Youtube videos! Looking forward to hearing it for the first time. :slight_smile:


For the past 20+ years, I’ve subsisted on hearing my toy monorail tell me to stay clear of the doors.
I am looking forward to hearing it “in person” and repeated in Spanish.


Ours is around the Christmas tree every year!


Same here!

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Here are mine:

  1. Tomorrowland Background music
  2. The FP chime when you tap your band
  3. Splash Mountain music “How do you do…” (RIP soon…booo)
  4. Soarin’

“Pretty good show us your bone!”

(who the hell taught me this?!)


The plangent sounds of the Orchestra di Tubi Tristi as they assemble around the memorial to Horizons and play the sad adagio from “It May Never be 1983 Again.” The bitter weeping from tiny bloggers that frequently accompanies their performances can be distracting, though.

Second to that is the Main Street music loop, particularly the snippets from “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” and “Everything’s Up-to-date in Kansas City.”

Frontierland is seldom quiet enough these days to hear the acoustic guitar of its background loop. One night some years ago, while walking through a sparse 2:00AM crowd (now those were extra magic hours), “Deep in the Heart of Texas” starts playing, and everyone clapped four times during the break, as if on cue.


So much yes!

This would have been awesome to witness!

Your tubi tristi orchestra makes me sad to remember a sound that I loved but won’t here again which is the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra :frowning_face:

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Ah for the days when Mizner’s was a haunt for sad degenerates like yrs. trly., and those boys liked to play stump the band.

I also forgot to mention how I enjoy hearing “When I Was a Lad” from H.M.S. Pinafore or the Major General’s song from Pirates of Penzance while strolling up the hill from the U.K. to France. If @BearsMom2011 is with me, though, I need to run or else she’ll beat me senseless.

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Doubt it. She is one of the nicest people ever. If she’s beating a cat, the cat deserves it

We should research this.

The woman hates Gilbert & Sullivan, and has fists like canned hams. You mention it at your peril.

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