Favorite Solo Trip Activity?

I know there quite a few of you in here that have done solo Disney. I’ve done it for like a day before, but never a whole trip.

So - tell me, what are your favorite things to do when you’re in the world solo? Things you usually don’t do or don’t get to fully enjoy when traveling with friends/fam. (As simple as take the bus instead of drive or as wild as a Wild Africa Trek…those aren’t really two extremes…but you get the idea)

Will I steal your ideas and try them on my own trip? Maybe.


Eat at the places they won’t. That is 100% my go-to.

And sit at the Sacred Spaces for as long as I want without worrying anyone is getting antsy :slight_smile:


What she said @OBNurseNH and

walk at my own pace, stop in all the shops if I want to, ride what I want to, visit w/ CMs and other strangers :wink: sometimes they are liners

stop and stare to enjoy the view



Also yes!

When I’m with the family, I get caught up as “tour guide” or am completely focused on what they want/need, I forget to stop and enjoy the moment.

So on my solo time, I love just going at my own pace, whatever that is for the day. I can dart through crowds or sit on a bench and people watch.

My guilty pleasure is doing Haunted Mansion/Spaceship Earth/Pirates as many times in a row that I want or wander AK trails and not be rushed.


Both of these are on my list for my future solo trip. Along with only doing attractions that I am interested in, and actually taking the time to look around (both in stores and at park details).


Not that I’ve done a solo trip but I always take a couple of half days to myself.

Walking around World Showcase is one thing I love to do on my own.

Another favourite day was when I took the boat from Contemporary to WL (it would have to be via MK now) and explored the resort. Checked out the geyser and the stream that rises in the lobby; went over to the Carolwood Pacific room in the Boulder Ridge building to look at the model trains and photos of Walt; got a coffee and cupcake and went upstairs in the main lobby and found a little nook to sit and chill.

I loved just riding the boat around Bay Lake too. Since that isn’t back maybe the boat from POR or OKW down to Disney Springs.

Anything at all that you’ve thought about doing but others haven’t been enthusiastic about.

Maybe do a tour. The Segway tour at FW is back, so is Keys to the Kingdom and the AK tours.

Take your time and find all the carvings on the Tree of Life and explore the trails around it.


I frequently ask to stay on PM and the CMs always… so far… let me :blush:


Haul ass without having to wait for the slowpokes. No bathroom breaks, just sweat it off. Move, move, move, people! This ain’t no drill!

(But also slow down and soak up the magic when I feel like it. :blush:)


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I can actually see this perfectly in my mind’s eye.


Love that!


Decadent, gluttonous, and fiscally deranged, all at once.

Blasphemy added to your manifold sins.


Laugh at all the people with kids having meltdowns knowing yours got left at home…


This is me too.

And this.


I have given the signal to them in the past



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In 2019 I did three parks in one day, rope drop (AK) → DHS → Epcot through Illuminations. Would never have been able to do that with my family


I completely agree with this! But it is more my DLR solo style. WDW involves more sacres spaces.


:rofl: I miss Zimm!! :star_struck:

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Plan less and make spontaneous decisions. When the family is there we really need a plan to follow so there are no arguments about what to do next, but when I’m there solo I can easily pivot and do whatever I feel like doing in the moment. I schedule meals but leave the rest up to whatever I feel like.

Eat what and where I want, but also when I want. I’ve found that at WDW I prefer to eat a TS breakfast and a TS dinner and just have a snack in the afternoon. Neither DD19 or DH are happy with this plan, so it only happens on solo trips.

Ride transportation just for fun. I love just riding around on the skyliner, the Epcot resort boats, and the monorail.


Grab non-stop party-of-one Fast Passes.
Oh, wait…