Favorite Solo Trip Activity?

My favorite was to go to the Fountain View coffee shop for coffee and a croissant, sit on the little balcony outside, and watch the Fountain of Nations. When I felt I had hogged that spot for too long, I would clean up after myself (although the little birds did a fine job of helping me with the croissant crumbs) and walk around the fountain, sit on a bench outside MouseGear, and watch the fountain some more.

I really miss old Future World.



My eyes crossed when I first read this and thought it said Fountain of Nachos and I just got a great idea for the name of my cantina should I ever choose to start one …


Doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Most of trips are solo. I have no kids, and my DW could care less if she ever went again. When she comes with me I plan in a way that she would more or less enjoy, often sacrificing things that I want to do, and spending the whole trip hoping she’s having as good a time as possible, given it being at WDW. Basically I can be selfish with my time.

In the old days, this meant touring as if it were a commando assault, racking up as many rides as I possibly could.

But things are different now at 63 than they were at 30 or 40.

I can stop and take as many pictures as I want to without DW looking impatient all the time. (“You need another picture of that; didn’t you take a picture of that the last time you were here?” Not actually said, but body language says it all).

I can relax in various bars and drink whatever I want to without getting that evil “oh you’re having another drink” eye I often get. Also, frequently having my meals sitting at the bar vice a table so I can meet and talk to people (DW is very introverted).

And there are many other little thing that I can’t really list. I guess I can sum it up be saying it’s my vacation and not someone else’s that I’m implementing.

I often see families dealing with kids and I think to myself what a perfect way to ruin an otherwise enjoyable trip to WDW. Maybe I’d feel differently if I had kids of my own.


I really enjoyed doing a photo scavenger hunt of the 50th statues - took my time over 4 days…

Lol highlight of my solo trip- it was friggin hot even Florida local news was saying usual heat wave - spent an entire day in floating in lazy river in TL-

…orange bird was really hard to find


This is really something I had planned on doing. Is there any kind of map ofr listing of where they are?

I have a google sheet of which are in which parks that I’m happy to share with you…but other than that, I think enough of us have found them all that if you have any trouble we can point you in a direction!!

On the Facebook group ear for each other- Meg has a ton of beautiful scavenger hunt boxes for different resorts parks - lol my kid dropped me off a SSR for a week and went to work so I started with that one…

It took me all over the carriage house congress park ect…

It was an unplanned last minute trip so I was on a pretty tight budget. I love the tours and we have done a few over the years swim in living seas, family magic, wild Africa trek ect and they are great fun but this was good too.

And I liked the idea of supporting CMs!


These are all great

For me, its so varied. Do all my favorites, or try new things. build the perfect plan, or just show up and be happy

i love my solo trips. that said , i’d trade them all for my past life much more complicated and difficult! trips with the now grown kids. quietly but eagerly waiting for grandkids!!!


I actually just stayed in my room and watched Disney movies projected onto the new smart TVs at CSR from my own Disney+ account on my phone. I took a walk around the resort and grounds and just enjoyed the various bars. A relaxing hotel day.


This! I bob and weave through the crowd seamlessly. I sleep about 5-6 hours and am back at it. I also enjoy people watching and just looking around. Grab a spot and just take it in.


I was also able to be the very first one in line at one of the booths in Epcot and first in line for Frozen. You can walk so fast alone!

And I enjoyed all the Epcot live entertainment there was on offer and shopped the artwork for hours. My kids always just want to ride rides. But I prefer performances the older I get.


I stopped and played Sabaac with a cast member in Galaxy’s Edge. Did Hall of Presidents and People Mover (two rides my family doesn’t think are cool enough to do). Watched Harmonious fireworks (kids would rather ride rides).

It was fun to do what I wanted to do, instead of what someone else wanted to do or what I thought I should do because it’s a hard ride to get into.


Seeing parades, and Electrical Water Pageant multiple times in the same go

You see the Parade start at Frontier Land, then zip over to the plaza and see it pass by the castle, then zip over to the entrance area and watch it finish.

Same with EWP. But that one is way harder to stay ahead of because of the distance needed to travel. However, if memory serves, it’s BLT first, then Poly, and then finally GF before it retires for the night. So you should be able to make it from the BLT to the GF walk-way bridge by the time it finishes up with the Poly presentation.


I would have said your fav solo activity was eating :rofl:

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yeah but that’s also my favorite group activity too… soooo it doesn’t count



I’ll immediately buy a ticket to AZ if you open this.


Could I please get it too? I’ll PM you my email address.

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This thread is exactly what I needed today!! I’m in Orlando for a course for work, and it’s wrapping up in about an hour. I have a reservation at the Swan for 3 nights, and I just got my room-is-ready text. Now I have some ideas for some solo time as well. Thanks, Liners!!