Favorite Restaurants

I thought it would be neat to see what everyone’s favorite restaurants were at Disney World for each category. Also, your least favorite.

Signature Dining
Table Service
Quick Service

I am doing my first trip with my family, DH and DS4 the beginning of December. I feel like we have good ADRs already but wanted to see if there was a consensus on specific places to eat that I maybe missed.

Our ADRs right now are as follows:
La Hacienda (dinner)
Crystal Palace (breakfast)
Kona (dinner)
Tusker House (breakfast)
Ohana (breakfast)
Boma (dinner)
Garden Grill (breakfast)
Be Our Guest (dinner)


How fun! I hope you have a great trip

I haven’t been to WDW often enough to start repeating restaurants yet, but looking back at the ones I’ve tried so far, these are my favorites.

Breakfast at Crystal Palace
Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge
QS meal at Les Halles in Epcot
Morimoto and Jock Lindsey’s at Disney Springs

The only signature restaurant I’ve tried is Hollywood Brown Derby, and I wasn’t a big fan. It was fine, but a bit heavy-handed, in my opinion. I really want to try Jiko and Flying Fish.


Ooo, sorry. I kind of didn’t follow the directions. :wink:

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Signature: unfortunately, none for us! All of our trips have been about the characters…but hopefully this will change next year!!

TS: hard to decide. I really enjoy Boma (yum…bread pudding!) but this last trip Akershus and GG were both surprisingly good as well!

QS: I guess a tie between Tangerine Cafe in Epcot for their falafel sliders, and CHH in MK for their lobster rolls. Oh, wait! BOG was great for lunch too! I guess I can’t decide!!

Have a great trip!! You must all be sooo excited!!!


What a great question!

Signature: Tiffins- no wait- Jiko- no wait- Tiffins-no wait- Jiko…flip a coin (I generally love signature restaurants and the only one I would hesitate to return to is Yachtsman but that was more about the service- way we were treated)

TS- Raglan Road

QS: tough one! Mara? Captain Cook’s? CHH?

I know- I cheat…


Signature - Le Cellier - have only tried here & Brown Derby signatures & like both, but Le Cellier is our WDW trip starting tradition.

TS - Tusker House - tough call here - lots of good ones, but do love the breakfasts here.

QS - Sassagoula Floatworks at POFQ - like the spicy cajun options and the Baguettes are not to be missed. In the parks I’d likely lean to Sunshine Seasons as the best food although given all the great TS options at Epcot we often opt for sit-down meals over TS…

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Fun question.

Signature - California Grill. The food is amazing and the view just can’t be beat.

TS - Breakfast at Crystal Palace. It’s good food and the characters are fun.

QS - We don’t eat much QS but maybe Sunshine Seasons. Although I’m currently mad at them because they discontinued breakfast and the Croissant Berry pudding which was my favorite.

Least Favorite - BoG. Dinner food was ok but we were squished in like sardines. I could have eaten off our neighbor’s plate we were so close. Then we tried lunch and it took forever to get in, forever to get our food, then the food was cold and the drink stations were filthy and smelled really bad. We won’t be back.


Signiture: CRT, not for the food, but for the experience…its a tradition at this point that we go every visit.

Table Service: Ohana Dinner

Quick Service: Flametree

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Love the question…
No signature dining on our trip…
TS…Ragland Road, far and away our favorite…:four_leaf_clover:
QS…Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie…with La Cava a close second just for margaritas…
The biggest disappointment was Portobello.
Boma was also a little bit of a let-down…food was good, but less adventurous than I had hoped.
Hope you have a great trip…we loved our trip last December…

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Signature: Jiko
TS: I guess Biergarten dinner since it seems like we hit it each time we go, TH breakfast is fun as well…oh and I agree, Raglan Road is great too. 50’s Prime Time was fun too…ooohhh OIhana dinner, nearly forgot that one…wait we were supposed to choose just one?
QS: Tangerine Café or Sunshine Seasons in Epcot or CHH in MK

Great, now I’m hungry again


This is like picking your favorite child…

Signature. If you count V&A, then it’s obviously the best food, and if I was independently wealthy, it might be my “favorite”. NOT counting V&A, Jiko and Monsieur Paul win for best food, CG wins for best overall experience. Least favorite was (pre-renovation) FF. It was just too crowded, busy, and noisy to be “fine dining” for me. But the redone version looks beautiful in pictures. I have not been to Yachtsman or Tiffins yet.

TS. This one’s harder. For in-park it’s a tie between VN and BG; out of park is a tie between Sanaa and Raglan Road. If I HAD to complete my bracket, it would probably be BG and RR in the finals, with a narrow margin of victory to BG. But these would all be VERY close games… :slight_smile: Least favorite: Two come to mind. Les Chefs and The Wave. The food at The Wave was actually pretty good (although not what I was expecting based on the menu descriptions) but the service was SO horrible, when I was finally able to leave after over 2 hours my feeling was “get me out of here and I never want to come back”. Les Chefs was crowded and noisy, everyone from the receptionist to the CM was unfriendly to the point of being rude, and the food (it’s been awhile, so I forget what I had) reminded me of something I could get in the Stouffer’s International Collection out of the freezer case at the grocery store (a stark contrast to the food upstairs at MP which is OMG good).

QS. I generally avoid these except for a breakfast pastry or an afternoon snack to go with some beer, so I don’t have a wide range of experience from which to choose. Yorkshire Fish and Chips would have to come in at number one, with Tangerine and CHH as runners up. Least favorite. That’s easy. The WORST meal I have ever had on a Disney property was at the ABC Commissary. Glad it’s gone.

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Actually I just re-thought that. Although not Disney owned, The Boathouse edges out FF as my least favorite. I found my steak to me dry and mediocre and the price… A small salad, some oven baked potatoes, an 8-oz steak and a domestic beer for $80 is ridiculous - even at Disney prices. Add to that the noise level (piped music in the bar area where I was sitting competing with 2 other live music performances outside, hoards of people talking loudly… you get the idea. Again, I couldn’t wait for my check to come.

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I have very little experience but I loved

Signature: Tiffins (dinner)
TS: Boma (breakfast or dinner)
QS: PreRD BOG (breakfast). Otherwise Sleepy Hollow Inn (breakfast). Fresh-made waffle with berries and eating next to the castle on a beautiful morning? You can’t beat it.

Least Favorite
Signature: None
TS: Mama Melrose’s (dinner)
QS: Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (dinner)

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Where did ABC Commissary go? It was definitely open last December and checking an App it’s still listed (while Pizza Planet isn’t so the App is being updated). Afraid ABC Commissary at HS is still there in all its mediocrity unless I missed something…

My error. I was thinking it came down with SOA to makwe room for the TSL and SWL additions. Wishful thinking, I guess…:slight_smile:

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Great topic…I love discussing food and especially Disney food

Signature -I’ve not dined at a signature restaurant
Table Service -Sanaa (lunch or dinner)
Quick Service -Tangierine cafe

Adding 2 new categories
Buffet -Boma (breakfast or dinner)
Character buffet -Tusker house (breakfast)

Least favorite
Table -Boatwrights (wasn’t terrible but it is my least fave)
Quick -Cosmic Rays
Buffet -The Wave (breakfast)
Character buffet -Chef Mickeys

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I’m not following the rules here…but a friend of mine just asked me to make a list of my favourite restaurants in and outside the parks. Here’s my list that I made her with some of my personal comments on each restaurant. Hope this helps you make your choices! Wish I was planning my own trip!!

Here’s my favourite 10 sit down restaurants on property, but outside the parks:
Jiko - Best food in all of Disney. One of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at anywhere.
Artist Pointe - 2nd best in all of Disney…a must do for us.
The Boat House (Disney Springs) - Awesome food. We’ve had some great cast members.
California Grill - so much fun! Stay for the fireworks if you can.
Art Smith Homcomin’s (DS) - Go hungry.
Morimoto’s Asia (DS) - Hit and miss for us. Very different menu but worth a try.
Splitsville (DS - it’s also a bowling alley - very fun alternative to the parks) Great food and fun!
Trader Sam’s - just snacks and a bar. Really fun experience. Hard to get into.
O’hana - Not our thing…but it’s a meat experience above and beyond that you should try.

Top 5 in Magic Kingdom
Columbia Harbour House - Consistently good food. Sit upstairs with a view of Haunted Mansion if you can.
Be Our Guest - hard to get this one… but its fun, and worth it once. I’m not a fan of the food.
Jungle Navigation Skippers Canteen - When I’m done with the crowds. This is my break haven.
Sunshine Tree Terrace - Not a restaurant - but every trip must include a “dole whip” my favourite ice cream treat of all time!
Casey’s Corner - Corn dog nuggets are my guilty pleasure.

Top 3 in Hollywood Studios
50’s prime time cafe - A must do! Very fun, and you’ll like the food for sure (Peanut Butter & Jelly Milkshake - to die for)
The Hollywood brown derby - good food. a bit pricey. We’ve always had a good experience.
Sci-fi Dine In Theatre - we’ve never eaten here - but on my hit list. Very fun reviews.

Top 3 in Animal Kingdom
Flame Tree BBQ - a must do.
Tiffins - High end, innovative menu. Great food.
Yak & Yeti - fun place - it’s a distant 3rd food wise.

Top 5 in Epcot
Teppan Edo - Great experience with kids. So much fun!
San Angel Inn (Mexico) - Really fun location. We requested a table close to the boat ride.
Tutto Italia (Italy) Good food
Via Napoli (Italy) Best pizza on property
Biergaten (Germany) Always a fun time - this is a must do.

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I agree about 90% of the way with you.

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I too like your list.

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I’m curious which one you don’t agree with? Or which am I missing? Love talking Disney dining!!