Fastpasses for different arrival dates

Three of our our group, me included, will be arriving on a Wednesday. The other 4 will be arriving on Friday. Our reservations are linked and we are all staying on property. After I booked all of our ADR’S this past Friday, it dawned on me that it might not as simple for FP+. On my day 60, will I be able to book FP+ for the whole group since that will be day 62 for part of the group?

If they have tickets that are the new ones with dates associated, you won’t be able to book until 60 days before the date of their ticket. That’s the problem I had with my niece. DS and I have APs, so I was able to start ours at 60 days out from our resort stay. But my niece who is linked and on the reservation had to wait 2 days (our first 2 days aren’t park days) in order to get her FPPs. Took about an hour to line up all the FPPs to match and I managed everything but FOP and SDD and they overlap at least.

Isn’t FPP still 60 days from resort reservation regardless of ticket date? Ex: we arrive July 2 but tickets start July 3. Won’t FPPs open up days before July 2?

Was niece not on the hotel res?

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She was definitely on the hotel reservation. But it didn’t open up until 60 days from the start of her ticket. I was pretty annoyed when I couldn’t book hers the same day as mine and DS’s.

Thanks for the info. Our tickets are part of a package, well really 2 packages. I am going to guess that room 2 FP+ start 60 days out from their check in date. It complicates making FP, but at least I can draw up my plan of attact accordingly. Probably going to make their FoP on their 60 +1 and SDD on 60+2 difficult. And here I had thought that coordinating FP+ for the 3.5 year old was going to be the challenge.

It definitely should be 60 days from resort stay. With a split stay, tickets attached to the second stay, you have always (except for the glitch earlier this year) been able to book at 60 days from check in to the first check in day - you just can’t make them until the first day the tickets are valid. With the dated tickets, the principle should be the same and that’s what has been reported until now.

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Well I am planning on tomorrow morning - 60 days from arrival day - guess we’ll find out for sure at 7:01 :grimacing:


I think if you’re all linked on MDE, you should be able to book for everyone at your 60 day mark.

But as @missoverexcited said, only for the valid days covered by the tickets.

This however depends on the tickets being standalone. If the others have a package booked, it may well not open up until 60 days before the package starts.

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I’m wondering if that will be a factor too for me. My two wildcards are that I’m at the Dolphin (so not technically property but gets the 60 day entitlement) and the tickets were bought from UT so linked separately.

The tickets being linked separately is a plus.

But I don’t know enough about the Swan/Dolphin (or the other DS resorts) and how the 60 day perk works there. I’m not sure if they have the “full” advantage of the linked friends and family booking too.

Also I think with the recent upgrade, you have to book the same FPs, and you also can’t modify the FPs, maybe until the 30 day mark. Not 100% of the ins and outs of the new system for umbrella bookings for offsite or DS guests.

I’ll be curious to see if I can book my friend. She has an AP but does not have accommodation set up yet. I’m only booking her for one day, but it will be interesting to see if I can get her in with my Dolphin res.

Well good luck, hope it works. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I look forward to hearing what works for all of you. My FP day is August 24. Room 2 would be August 26 if it doesn’t work on the earlier date.

Not sure why I had a different experience. I bought her ticket through UT, it was linked and displaying in the tickets (I manage her under my MDE account - she doesn’t have her own). We had the same exact resorts, same days, the only difference was her dated ticket.

For The Dolphin I was told that it would be 60 days for FP, but not length of stay, booking one day at a time. Part of my reason for going with POFQ. However, in 2014 when staying at the Swan, I had been told the same thing, but was able to do length of stay.

First I have ever seen that anywhere - contradicts what is printed and published . Where did you read/hear that?

I don’t know, maybe MDE was glitching. It should have worked. I guess we’ll see tomorrow if it works for @cjandres.

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I was actually worried about whether or not they had fixed the issue with booking FPPs for the entire trip with a split stay since we have 3 separate resorts, but I was surprised when that wasn’t the issue and this was!

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I will surely report! If by chance it doesn’t work and turns out to be that way for others too, it will really put a kink in people using leading reservations.

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They fix one and cause another! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.