FastPasses done for April Trip - update on availability

Good morning!

Our trip is 60 days from today and this morning I completed our FPP selections. I know there are changes just being implemented so I don’t think those changes had any bearing on my availability experience as they are too new. Still, I know people often wonder about availability of The Biggies at various 60+ days for their planning so here’s a brief rundown of my experience this morning.

Edited to add: these FPP reservations were all made for a party of 4 with no splitting of party needed

Magic Kingdom at 60+1 (projected CL 6):
No trouble with any attractions whatsoever, although the earliest 7D available was in the early afternoon and we would prefer it earlier. I’ll work on modifying this one.

Hollywood Studios at 60+2 (projected CL6):
All attractions available - including all in TSL - but the earliest SDD was in the 6:30 timeframe and we have dinner plans that night; I opted for a TSMM instead and will either modify or RD for SDD. There were multiple FPP for SDD available from about 6:35 onward.

EP at 60+3 (projected CL5):
Again, no issues with any availability. I find this park is generally the easiest anyway. We have preRD GG so we will SB Soarin right after and therefore opted for a TT instead – which may well convert anyway as it is in the first hour of park opening.

AK at 60+4 (projected CL2):
This was the one that really surprised me! I had absolutely no trouble getting a very early FOP. I opted for an 0930 as we are at Boma that morning, but could have had 0900! There were/are tons of availability for this one at this interval.

MK at 60+5 (projected CL4):
All attractions available and able to secure another 7D for the time frame we wanted (just after lunch) but could have had it in the morning if we had wanted.

Hope this information is helpful and/or reassuring to people, especially those with short trips or with HS/AK early in their trips. And remember, if you can’t get exactly what you want, get what you can and modify modify modify! :smiley:


Thank you so much for sharing this! It is reassuring as I try to plan, then create contingency plans – a nerve-wracking process! This helps quite a bit.


You’re quite welcome :slight_smile:

Very helpful. Thank you!

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Thanks for posting! Great info.

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How big was your FP booking party? I don’t think you mentioned that. Thanks!

Ah, good point. I will go back and edit.

There are four of us on this trip :slight_smile: Did not split party at all - no need

Thank you so much!! I make fastpasses in 7 days, can’t wait to be done with it :rofl:.

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Today is my first day here. Where can I go to learn what all the abbreviations mean? I know most of them but some I have no clue. I just now figured out that 7D means the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Thanks


There should be a pinned thread in this forum named Acronyms and other trivia

Thank you for posting! My window for May 4 opens soon. I’m planning MK and Epcot for the first days and we aren’t going to the parks our first day there. 7DMT isn’t a priority as long as we ride it once in our 8 day trip so I’m hopeful on getting multiple rides on our favorites!


I hope you have better luck than me modifying your day 1 FP for 7DMT. We’re also going on a CL 6 day (in one week) and have an afternoon FP- really want late morning. I have tried just about every day to modify and there is absolutely nothing. The only times I’ve seen pop up were some late evening times when they extended the park hours. I’m hoping I get lucky the day of or the day before.

DS11 and I figured out a way that the timing is actually better for us so we will leave it! :blush:

@OBNurseNH, looks like we are coming in just two days after you! I was wondering if you logged on right at 7am eastern? That will be 5 am for me and I’m worried about missing the alarm. I have been watching the dibb website and I think our only worries will be FOP, SDD and 7D but only because I have them for specific times in my plans. Glad this worked out so well for your plans!

Try to have a couple back-up plans for other times that you can make work for those 3 FPs. That will reduce the likelihood of 5 am panic while making FP res.

Though if you are looking for them on 60+5 or longer than you have a very good chance of getting whatever time you would like.

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Yes. On the nose.

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Just wanted to add that I was equally surprised about the availability of FOP for 3 (no need to split the group) at 5pm at 60+2 with predicted CL of 7. I was prepared to shift our AK day but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t necessary.

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Be sure to do those first.

You do not have to do a whole day of FPP at one time. You also do not have to do them in chronological order.

Literally go in and do your SDD first (take what you can get, modify later if necessary). Then FOP, then 7D. Then the rest in order of importance to you. If you have PP on there I’d do that probably right after these top 3 too as that one runs out early

And for sure a good idea to have an alternate in mind. IE if you can’t get SDD at your preferred time will you prefer to get TSMM or ASS, for that preferred time or are you happy to take SDD whenever you can get it and work the rest of your plans around that.

Great tips, thank you. My biggest problem is that we have three different groups with three different priority sets and so some of my days have three different plans. And we are trying to merge at specific times for meals and letting cousins ride specific rides together. Ugh! But still, I love doing the plans and making the puzzle work!