Fastpass Park Hopper preplanning

From my understanding, you should be able to use fastpass in multiple parks with parkhopper. But the website won’t let me pick parkhoppers for our family in multiple parks ahead of time. It doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve only used 1 or 2 of them…

Am I wrong or is this something you can only take advantage of once you are on property that specific day?

You have to use all three initial FPs in the same park. Once those are used you can book the 4th for the second park.

Or you can make one in the first park and then when you are there (I think you have to scan it) you can make the other two at the next park.

I’ve asked a lot of questions about this in the past, so I apologize, but I am looking for a definitive answer. If you choose 3 preselected FP’s, use 2 of them and let one of the windows expire without using it, will the system allow you to choose another FP?

According to the Touring Plans blog, you don’t have to burn them in the same park.

With this new system, however, you could get a single FastPass+ reservation for the Safari starting at 9. Show up, hit Everest using the single rider line (or even the regular line if you’re there right at rope drop), go over and do the Safari, and you’re on your way and there’s nothing restricting your ability to get another FastPass+ reservation at the Magic Kingdom. What’s more, as discussed above, you can make that next FastPass+ reservation right then, even though you’re not at the Magic Kingdom!

Unfortunately it doesn’t answer my question.

If I am understanding you correctly, you cannot PRE-SCHEDULE fastpasses in more than one park. So you cannot schedule 1 fp in mk, and two in ak later that day UNTIL the first one is used/expires, or (possibly) is cancelled. I say “possibly” because I didn’t test that theory even though the dis help desk told me on two diff occasions that you can cancel existing fastpasses, and schedule them in a different park before you are at that park.

The scenario I gave them was this:
If I go to AK with a fastpass for Safari, Everest, and Primevil, and I use the safari fp, but I find that the lines for Everest and primevil are very light, can I CANCEL those two fastpasses, and immediately schedule two fastpasses for later in the day at a different park while I was still in ak? The answer was yes.

My understanding is that all of your pre-selected FP’s must be in one park. Once you are in that park, you can cancel any of the pre-selected FP’s and book your next same-day FP in another park, even though you are not physically there. Or, you can use all of your pre-selected FP’s in the first park, and reserve your next same-day FP in another park, again, even if you are not physically there. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes you can do this.

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I called disney to ask because it seemed best to get an answer them from.

If you don’t use your 2nd and 3rd fastpass in your first park, you lose them. However you’ll still be able to use the “4th” fastpass in your second park.

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That doesn’t seem to be the correct answer to your original question. It sounds like the answer to the question: “If I do not use my 2nd or 3rd fastpass that I have scheduled, what happens to those fastpasses?”
It doesn’t sound like the answer to the question, "Can I use my 2nd or 3rd fastpass in a different park than the park I’ve scheduled my 1st fastpass in?’

Follow this thread from last year Changes to FP+

Is this to use another tier 1 in the same park?

Let me try to answer your original question. You can pre book up to three fast passes in one park. You do not need to book all thee but you cannot book more than one park. If you are going to AK in the morning and then hopping to MK you can make three FPs for AK (9, 10, 11) and as soon as you scan your MB at 11 you can make a 4th at MK or you can make one at AK or two at AK and as soon as you scan your AK MB you can make more for AK or make the other ones at another park.

If you are at a tiered park (EP or HS) you must use or let expire all three to get another tier 1 in that park but you can use two at EP and then make a tier 1 at HS.

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I would not cancel- I think canceling messes everything up these days?

Last year, when Steve and Seth tested this, they were not able to get a second tier 1 at Epcot while they were in Epcot, but they were able to schedule their 2nd and 3rd FP’s at HS while they were in Epcot. They even got a Tier 1 at HS by doing this. You just can’t do it in advance.

The people that answer the phones in the call centers may have never been to Disney World. They do not usually have correct information these day.

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Yes, see my longer post.

Thanks. The reason I am following this is that I am trying to ascertain if it is necessary to book 3 FP’s in advance at Epcot, knowing that I am probably only going to use one of them. Is it better to only book one in advance, or book 3 and let 2 expire? Just spoke with a CM who answers tech questions for MDE. According to her, it is better to book all 3 and let 2 expire. Otherwise, when I go to get the next one, the system will make me take 2 Tier 2’s before I can get another Tier 1 (if I am remaining at Epcot). Do you agree?

If you are staying in EP I agree to make all three. If you are hopping I would just make one.

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Interesting. Perhaps the person I spoke with at Disney wasn’t aware of this.