FastPass+ Now Available for Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway at DHS!


Holy crap!

Just swapped my SDD for a MMRR…hopefully that was the right call!


I just checked too and am getting it’s unavailable! Looks like I’ll keep checking back on this. I’m assuming it’s a tier 1?

I didn’t even look, I was going so fast :slight_smile:

But I have to assume it’s now MFSR, SDD, and MMRR in Tier 1.

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I just checked again, it is Tier 1. I currently have MFSR and having never been on and with limited time in the park I think I’m going to hang onto this one and keep an eye on MMRR for now. Too many tough decisions at this park these days. Everything really hinges on BGs. :confused:

I swapped Slinky for MMRR and am wondering if it was a mistake! My thinking is it will be easier to rope drop Slinky when it’s not the new hottest thing, plus I have two chances at getting on Slinky (my first HS day is pre-March 4) and only one chance at MMRR. Plus there are the drops…Oh well, nothing to be done about it now.



Is MMRR in same tier with MFSR and SDD???


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**and I was able to get a better/earlier time for my MFSR FP - I assume as folks moved to MMRR!

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Our current plan is to park hop anyway so I’ll be constantly checking SDDs, hopefully we’ll be able to get to ride that way. It’ll be interesting to see what actually happens. On the plus side there’s now SDD and MFSR availability that wasn’t there this morning.

That’s my plan too, RD slinky and hope for the best with everything else.

my logic was exactly the same. easier to RD or catch a same-day drop for Slinky than the newer rides.

Unfortunately. I was hoping it would be tier 2 and could swap out star tours but that’s not to be.

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Me too! I moved it up by 2 hours. This is just one reason of many why I love TP so much, up to the second info.

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I think having it as Tier 1 will help spread the bookings around for MFSR, SDD and MMRR though, potentially making each individually a little easier to get.


I’m really hoping that’s the case come SDDs in early March. I’m hoping there’ll be slightly better day of drops with another tier 1 option. :crossed_fingers:

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Does anybody think this could mean bringing back the 7 am openings?

Wondering what to do! My fast pass day is tomorrow! I was already going back-and-forth whether to get SDD or MFSR. Now wondering if I should go for this!:grimacing:

Wow, kinda surprised they are going with FPP at the start.

Have 2 days at HS in May, 1 being 60+3…wonder if I’ll be able to snag MMRR in am… Doubt it…