Fastpass challenge - party of 12!

My family of 12 will be in the world in sept. I have the challenge of making all the FPP for the group. Group includes 7 adults, 2 children and 3 toddlers. Of the 7 adults only 4 do thrill rides. I will book FPP 60 days out, but not everyone is staying on property so we cannot all use the emh.
My challenge is using FPP in combination with child swap to get the most rides possible before searching for 4th, 5th etc (my record so far is 7 in a day)
Any suggestions or break downs by park?

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Welcome! You’ve got a big challenge a head of you. My first concern is making FPP 60 days out for all when not everyone is staying onsite. MDE has been cancelling FPP for entire parties when offsite reservations are linked to the same reservation.

You may want to verify if getting 60 day FPP is actually possible when offsite guests are linked to your reservation.

Oh my! I didn’t realize this was happening that is a huge concern. I did know if you cancelled a res then you would lose all FPP. But I did not know this new part. Ugh now I’m worried. Thanks so much for the heads up!

Please verify this with Disney. I don’t travel with groups, but I’ve read multiple post here - even today - where people are having this issue.

Thanks! Digging into the threads now.

I have not heard of this. As far as I know the umbrella is still working. As long as you have someone in the FP group with an open 60 day window they can umbrella in offsite guests. The FP have to match and you can’t remove the onsite guest from the FP group without causing issues.

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I admit and added that this is just something I have “heard”. So I don’t want to cause a panic. :grin: There was a post about this very issue this morning. A lady has a guest, staying offsite, added to her reservations. WDW sent an email ti the guest saying the FPPs were going to be canceled.

Would you mind tagging me on that thread?

Hey! I would have done it originally, but was outside on my phone. Here’s what I was talking about. Again… not trying to spread rumors, so if I misunderstood something I apologize. :grin:


Thanks AuntB! I really hope the umbrella policy is still active.