Is this right!

My 60 day window opened last week for my FP and with no issue I booked all the ones I needed but my issue is that my son’s girlfriend is flying out on our second week so I added her into our fast passes because we are linked through family and friends but she as received a email from Disney saying these fast passes will be cancelled until her window slot opens it this right ?

I’m curious to what others say, since I’ve heard mixed reports on this.

But is your son’s GF added to your reservation as well? Because if she isn’t listed as staying on property, that might be the issue.

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Yes she is staying at All sports and we are at AK. She as called Disney and they have said they may fall off the system and she will have to re-book them on Saturday once her 60 day window opens let’s just hope she can get similar time slots to what we have :weary:

She is not on my reservation she booked herself a reservation on Disney Property but we are linked through our friend and family link

Maybe you can call and have her added to your room reservation for the first few nights?

This is very strange! Her tickets are not part of a package, correct? There should be no reason for Disney to cancel her FP after you have umbrella’d her in as long as her FP match with someone who has an open 60 day window. If you removed the person with the open 60 day window and booked them something else, that would cause an issue. I hope you report back if they are actually dropped.


The key question is why does her 60 day window open later than yours???

OP said she’s flying out and joining them on the second week of their trip.

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OP is ambiguous with the term “flying out” which I interpreted to be out of Orlando.

If it is the reverse then it is clear why an audit run by the FPP system may delete the erroneously issued passes.

My cousin did the same for me for when we went last may. We did not have a problem even though I came later and stayed at a different resort, however, I’m not sure if Disney changed the rules since then.

Update on Fast passes we checked again just and the fast passes are still showing on my Disney plans so they have not been cancelled as yet the email said they would be cancelled today so fingers crossed

Yes they have only very recently started checking.