Fast Passes, Single Rider Line & Extra Magic Hours?

I think the distance when outside can be significantly smaller than when inside. Not only due to the effects of open-air/wind, but also because during the day, the UV rays inactivate the virus. Inside, I would think the distancing would need to be kept further apart…which ultimately probably doesn’t help so much in shortening the perceived length of the lines.


I basically agree with @ryan1. I think Fastpass overall is problematic because they used to try to distribute like 90+% of a ride’s capacity to FP holders. It made it so neither FP nor Standby was as short a wait as it could be.

If they had like 10% of capacity for FP holders, it could be tenable, but then they’d need to limit who could get one more strictly, which would eventually lead to it being a pay option. Which is probably where it will land post-COVID.

I’d love full capacity rides with standby queues only. 30-40 min fast-moving queues aren’t bad compared to slow-moving queues of the same duration. And 60 minutes is doable (about the longest line currently at WDW) whereas 180 minutes is a non-starter (which is what FoP standby was pre-COVID).


The plot thickens

Let the speculation begin!

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I saw somewhere that they took off the FastPass sign at Space Mountain also. I speculate we should hear more soon, real soon.

Googles and found it. Hmm same source, different day and ride:

I saw that too. This was reported too:

I’m now thinking they are gearing up to try and get lined out of the walkways, show spaces, restaurants etc. That would let them bring more people into the park because more open stuff means more places for people to go.


Saw online they removed the fast pass signs for Soarin’ & Living With the Land as well

I’m guessing they’re about to roll-out a rebranded FP.
When’s 60 days from October 1st?


August something

Yep I’m either figuring that - or no plans to do it anytime soon so going to simply make it one big standby line to better accommodate distancing.

I have my 60 marked just in case :grimacing:


So really, there’s still time before the 50th for them to launch a 180 day FP+ window for on-site guests.


IDK… you asked

and I mathed… October is 10th month, a month is ~30 days, 2 months ~60 days, 10-2=8 and 8th month is August


And I definitely appreciate the mathing. (Better you than me)




Here is a little spreadsheet trick. In any spreadsheet software (such as Google Sheets), create a cell with a date in it. Let’s say it is cell A1. Then, in another cell, reference the first cell by adding/subtracting the number of days. So, in cell A2, for example, enter: “=A1-60”

This will calculate the date of 60 days prior to the date in A1 and display it.

I use this trick a lot in my planning sheets for things like figuring out when it is the date for ADRs, etc.


Or just call and ask a CM on the help line when I can renew my AP :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Yes…true…but that’s only for advanced users such as yourself.


nah… but excel makes me swear like a sailor :smirk::grimacing:



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You can also type it directly in Google - I typed “what is 60 days before july 14” to find my dining reservation date of May 15th. :rofl:


well I guess google search isn’t all bad :wink::smirk:

oh, once my doctor asked if I asked Dr. Google… bwahahahaha

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