Fast Passes, Single Rider Line & Extra Magic Hours?

Does anyone know if WDW will be bringing back Fast Passes this Fall? Without a fast pass, how hard is it to get on Flight of Passage or Soarin’ without one? Are there still single rider lines at some of the attractions? Will they be bringing back extra magic hours for those staying on property?

Thank you in advance!!

No one really knows for sure but I believe they won’t bring back FP+ until social distancing is no longer necessary. The SB queues are already snaking all over the place and I think if they were to add FP back now they’d be impossibly long and Disney would struggle to find the extra queue space to fit these longer lines.

Soarin waits get lower in the evenings. We waited less than 20 min around 7:30 in December. I haven’t ridden FOP since FP went away but I would think RD or park close are your best bet for lower waits.

They recently announced an early entry program for resort guests in lieu of EMH where resort guests can entry any park of their choosing 30 min before posted park opening time. The rollout date of this program has yet to be released.

I’m not sure about single rider lines.


No single rider lines because they are not seating people from different parties next to each other

Seating every row on coasters like RnRC and EE, but not every seat


@DeepInTheHeartofTexas answered well already, but I’ll add a couple more thoughts.

People seem to fear Disney without FastPasses. Now, of course, I’m actually anti-FastPass myself. Never liked them. But regardless of that, life without FastPass at Disney has actually been great during this time period. Standby waits have been consistently and dramatically lower in most cases than pre-COVID times. Part of this is due to COVID…and part of this is because FastPasses are not being used. (Fastpasses make Standby lines significantly longer.) So, don’t be scared of Disney without Fastpasses. Overall, we found it actually made touring Disney easier without them.

I don’t recall any single rider lines being open because they are keeping parties separated…not sure that is changed in the last couple months, but they weren’t open as of December, when were there last.

As already stated, EMH will NOT be returning. Instead, they are eventually switching to an Early Entry program that gives on-site guests entry to ANY of the four parks each day. To date, this new program isn’t in place, and EVERYONE (both on-site and off-site) have been able to get into the parks as much as roughly 45 minutes early.


I absolutely agree with this. And prior to our trip this past December I would have disagreed. I was so nervous to navigate the parks without FP but it ended up yielding park days which were so much more relaxing than the ones we’ve had in the past!! Fewer time constraints on the day made for more rose smelling opportunities. :rose:


Don’t let @ryan1 hear you say this…it will go to his head. :wink:


I’m happy to hear this again: I am NOT a fan of FP either


FWIW, I do find it interesting that they are already rolling out this MagicMobile stuff. Perhaps a small indicator of FPP returning sooner rather than later - also perhaps not.

Someone reported that the FPP signage at SM has been removed. So read into that as you like as well.

There have been reports that social distancing requirements could be relaxed by July 4th (in general not specifically WDW). However WDW isn’t following guidelines according to the state right now, they are doing more than the state deems necessary (I thank them for that). So regardless of what the state says, they may keep distanced things longer.

I think there is an optics thing too. People aren’t used to seeing people close together or physically being close to others. It might take some time to overcome that hesitancy.


This makes me wonder…if Disney will go from having markers with 6 ft spacing, and start by reducing this with markers at 3 or 4 ft spacing. This will allow them to reduce social distancing, without eliminating it.

Who knows.


The adding more plexiglass and starting to fill rides more makes me think they may head this way. Maybe lesson the distance but create more physical barriers where possible. Time will tell :woman_shrugging:

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Everything I’m reading right now about Disney is that they will be keeping some Covid mitigation policies in place through 2021. They aren’t spelling it out, but are suggesting masks will be here for awhile. I think Disney is watching and listening to the CDC and other health officials for guidance. They are NOT listening to FL’s governor or rather following FL guidelines.


FWIW it was Fauci who mentioned 4th of July as a potential timeline for something closer to normalcy. From what he and the CDC are saying, it sounds like masks will hang around longer than distancing.

Oh… I thought it was Biden that said something about the 4th? Did Fauci say it too? cool beans if he did, but I know that masks have to hang around awhile longer to minimize spread. I’m ok w/ that.

I’m not gonna’ lie: I am not looking forward to having strangers breathe down my neck in lines again at WDW :roll_eyes::grimacing::smirk::upside_down_face:

oh… DFB just summarized this… :wink:
NEWS: COVID-19 Guidelines Could Loosen By 4th of July According to Dr. Fauci | the disney food blog

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Isn’t the governor the one who set/approved the 35% capacity limit?
(And thus the one who has to approve raising/lifting it)

Beyond the restrictions on restaurant capacities, DeSantis briefly talked about the Disney World theme park capacity limitations. He noted that the capacity limitations put in place via the Disney Park Pass system are “self-imposed” limitations, and that he is “supportive of them going to a greater capacity”, and that he thinks that they should to it.

Florida Governor Talks Disney World Capacity Limitations, Will Remove Restaurant Capacity Limits (


I think originally it may have been but it has since changed

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Just saw another report that some studies are looking at whether 3ft vs 6ft makes a real difference

I agree with people staying away from me - I could do 3 feet all the time :joy:


huh… I thought it was more 6ft vs 15ft :wink:


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