Fast Pass Same Day Drop - Clarification

  1. I use my initial 3 FPs, the last of which is Navi’s at 3:00. As long as I am scanned into the line at Navi’s by 3:01, can i snag a FoP FP at the 3:01 drop time?

  2. Am i able to do this from MDE through browser/app, or does it have to be at a kiosk?

I guess if i have to be at a kiosk, i probably can’t catch a same day drop for FoP since I would be in line for Navi’s at the time…

  1. Yes that’s right. And you should try to scan in as early as you can (they generally have a grace period 5 min before and 15-min after your window).

  2. Yes, you can reserve FPP from MDE on your phone, which is the typical way to do it.


Thank you!

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Btw, I like your Ahsoka avatar! The trailer for TCW that dropped today has me very excited.

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Just a data point…

We were in AK last month on December 16th. There were no FPPs for FOP at any of the drop times.

We got several SDDs on the days we were in Epcot and HS though.


We were down to the minute for a FPP drop at DHS. We were allowed to clock in early to DHS so we could get their 12.01 drop.

It’s so random!!! We were not able to get SDD at DHS or anything at EP, but we nailed FOP.

Our EP day was a total bust. At least at DHS we got TSM. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I haven’t watched the trailer yet. I’m excited to watch the final season though!

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hmm… i’ve never been on FoP, so i feel like it’s not worth the risk to miss it and/or have to wait an hour and a half in the standby line. I’ll probably try to rope drop Navi’s and get a FoP FP on my 60 day date.

Is it also possible to use sdd to modify an existing fp to a better time? For example, you have a late Slinky fp, can you utilize the 9:31 or 12:01 HS drops to modify to an earlier time?

Yes you can.

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Around here, we talk about the SDD so much we expect them when we are there but we forget they are not guaranteed drops!

FOP was our favorite ride!

We RDed it on an EMH day beginning at 8 AM. We were off FOP and Navi (Navi was about a 15 minute wait by the time we got off of FOP) by 8:20 AM. We were holding a 7:30ish PM FPP for Navi, which I tried to modify for FOP all day but there were no FOP SDD that day. :tired_face: We did SB for FOP beginning around 6 PM and it took around 50 minutes. Not terrible. On FPP day, our AK day was 60+1 and there were no FOP FPP available.

Is there any list of what rides have same day drops?