Fast Pass Booking strategy


We are going to Disney the last week of February so I am trying to make touring plans and prepare for our upcoming FastPass Booking day at 60 days out.

We are a group of 10 (2 families of 4 and one family of two) with three Package reservations. We have our three Disney Experience accounts which are all linked via family/friends.

On the day of our FastPass booking could one member be on their MDE account to book SDD for all 10 of us while another is on their account to get 7DMT for all 10 of us and another on their account to get FOP for all 10 of us? Can you book fastpasses for a group at the same time under different MDE accounts?

Hope you follow me :slight_smile: Just thinking of way to book those hard to get passes quickly!
Thanks for your help!

You may also need to consider splitting up your group into a smaller number of people and getting overlapping times if you have trouble finding hard to get FPPs for popular rides.

If you can find a FFP at 11am for 4 people and another FPP for 4 people at 11:15am and another FPP for 2 people at 11:30am you can all ride together anytime from 11:25am - 12pm.

@darkmite2 Thank you for that advice! Can we be booking under the three different accounts at the same time? Ie: If I found a booking for 10 people but my brother was also on his account looking at a different ride at the same time would I be able to book for the group of 10?

Large groups aren’t my specialty. I do believe it is possible. I found this thread from a while back that may give you the answer.

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I think you have to book for each MDE acct. separately. Each MDE account should list the 10 people you wish to book for. The secret with hard to get FPP is book your 10 from one account toward the end of your vacation as that is when others aren’t able to book unless their within their 60 day grace period. Now do this separately for each MDE account one right after the other. Times may end up differently but there is another trick for putting people together. All FPP are on your Magic Bands for the MDE party, but the CM’s have no idea whose in what party. The computers know the different parties and the people in them but if you exchange your Magic Bands for a particular ride and the times you want your people to go, the computer has no idea that it isn’t you wearing that Magic Band or someone else. I will use that FPP for the person who owns that Band but another person could be wearing it to access the ride. You will have to keep track of who used whose for what ride and in which group and it can get confusing but it can be done. Here is an example of what I am talking about. My Grandson and Wife wanted to do Mount Everest but I did not. They went on the ride at the FPP time slot and my grandson said afterwards, if Grandpa isn’t going to use his FPP for the ride maybe I could do the ride again using his Magic Band. Worked like a charm. Hope this helps

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Yes, you can book with different MDE accounts at the same time for the same group of people (as long as you are already all connected).
Did it with a friend to book FPs for 8 people for next christmas holidays. I searched for 7dmt and FoP at beginning of the trip and he went for SDD and FoP at the end.
As other have said, consider splitting the group in 2-3 sub groups if you have trouble finding availability (especially for beginning of trip). If you have two/three screens or browser windows to search and book for all the three groups at the same time is better (so you don’t have to go back and forth trying to remember which FP you have just booked and for which part of the group). You can log on the same MDE account with different devices at the same time.

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Yes, yes and yes. Make sure you have a plan going in. I would recommend assigning each person certain days and certain attractions with order of priority. You don’t want to accidentally overlap and cause a set Of booked FP to be cancelled due to conflicting attractions or times.

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As long as everyone is linked as friends and family anyone of the group on any one of the MDE accounts can book FP for any combination of the linked individuals. On 3 separate MDE accounts with the same 10 people linked, any of the MDE accounts can book for all 10 people. Each account could take a certain day or set of attractions. MDE “A” books FOP for all ten on day 4, MDE “B” books SDMT for all 10 on day 3, MDE “c” books SDD for all 10 on day 5, etc, etc


This was all very helpful and I appreciate all your comments very much! Thank you!!