Making FastPasses on multiple computers

Can I make Fastpass selections on two different devices at the same time? For example if I make selections while at work can my husband make them while he’s at home, if were both logged on to our account? Our 60 day mark is this Monday.

I just tried this, does not work unless you each have your own individual MDE accounts. It was also suggested to make sure you each do a different day to not mess things up. Once it didn’t work we just worked as a team, me double checking times versus TP etc. while my husband entered everything in to the computer. Good luck!


I had a spreadsheet with the time I was going for according to my TPs. I would look up and book a suitable FPP while DH logged the times on the spreadsheet. This worked well for us. Basically the same thing as @maeghan21 above: Divide and Conquer.

Thanks! We won’t be together but maybe I’ll have him on the phone to answer questions or help me decide.

Honestly, I could have done it by myself but he likes to be included. I like to be in control. It’s a win-win.

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Just to add to what @meaghan21 said above, if you do have two separate MDE accounts, you can both make FP+ reservations at the same time for the same party. My wife and I did this for our last WDW trip when trying to secure Pandora FP. You still have the usual restrictions of “each person can only have three” etc. but at least you can have two people searching at the same time! Hope this helps!!

Make sure both you and your husband have MDE accounts that are linked. Decide who is taking what days ahead of time.

Our FPP window opened a few days ago on Tuesday. We only have 1 MDE account and it is under my husbands name. We used 3 different computers to make our FPP. I have 2 computers and logged in on one using Chrome and the other using Firefox. My husband logged in on his computer using IE. We were both able to make FPP, however, what we found is that if we both hit the ‘Continue’ button at the same time or before the confirmation came thru, the other computer would get the picture of Olaf that said something like I can’t put things together right now. We easily resolved this by waiting for one computer to get the confirmation and then immediately hitting the continue button on the next computer. I will say though that it was not necessary to have all 3 computers going as there was plenty of availability for everything, including FOP and FEA. When all reservations were made and we went back in to tweak the times, it literally gave us at least 20 different times to choose from for FOP and this was over an hour later. Sorry so long winded - HTH though :slight_smile:

Anyone with firsthand experience running the same MDE account on multiple devices while in the parks?