Fantasmic VIP Dining Package...what if not all people want the package?

What happens if I book the Fantasmic! Brown Derby package for a table of 5 (three adults, two preteens), but when I show up, we only really want to purchase two full meals of the package? The kids might not stay to eat (might go off to ride rides). The third adult might just want a salad and a drink.

Will this be a problem? Are we obligated to 2 dining credits per person if we book the package? Or can we book a table for 5, use 4 dining credits, and pay out of pocket for any extras?

Basically, what I’m wanting to do is ensure that my husband and I can have the nice sit down meal but that we’re at a table that can accommodate kids and grandma if they choose to show up. Does this make sense? We’re on the dining plan.

If you want 5 Fantasmic tickets then you will be charged 10 TS credits. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but don’t DP’s need to be cancelled 48 hrs in advance? If so then even if you only want 2 tickets but make the booking for 5, you’ll still be charged 10 credits. It might be different on the dining plan?

I don’t know for sure, but it makes sense that you will only get vouchers for the people who meet the conditions. So if you order 2 meals, you’ll get 2 vouchers.

Maybe MM or H&V would be better for you, since they’re only one credit. H&V is a buffet so the kids and third adult could eat as little as they like but you’d still get the voucher.

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Actually, I don’t care about the vouchers. I know I would only get two of them, no problem. I just don’t want to be forced to buy more than two meals.

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I would call to ask. If you arent set on F! package just book a standard adr. By doing a standard adr you can pay a mix of ddp for 2 full meals and cash for those that just want a drink and something light… You can pay a mix of cash and ddp for all restaurants in wdw. However the F! package is a complication on this and I believe makes it similar to crt/ fixed price meals etc in that full price for all who sit down even if they don’t eat much…
Should add if you make a booking for 5 and only 2 turn up you will only be charged for 2 ( this is the same for all wdw except prepay)

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Yeah, I will call. The thing is-with free dining/dining plan, you get more to eat/try on the F! Package because you also get an appetizer without having to pay oop for it:) so, that is why I want the package. I had the regular reservation and realized this and so changed to the F! Package.