Got info on F! Packages and obligations to pay for reservations

Continuing the discussion from Fantasmic VIP Dining Package…what if not all people want the package?:

Hey folks. I talked with a CM this afternoon about the Brown Derby F! Dining package.

I booked for 5 people but wanted to know whether all five are obligated to do the dining package. CM told me that with this package, as long as some of the people in the reservation show up and do pay for the F! package, our party won’t be charged 2 dining credits per person. So, this means that my party will be fine. My husband and I can do the package, my mom can maybe just order a salad, and the kids don’t have to eat at all if they aren’t interested. So, this was good news for my situation where I wanted the most bang for my DDP buck. This works better than a regular reservation for me because with the F! package, I’ll get the appetizer in the meal plan along with the drink/main/dessert.

And, yes, only those paying for the package would be given the F! VIP vouchers.


Thanks for reporting back!